Friday Five

Happy Friday! Honestly, weekends and weekdays don’t matter to me because I always work Saturday and Sunday, by choice! Those are the busiest shifts available, so I take them. Perks of making the schedule.

Anyway, on to Friday Five!

1. I ordered this little gem today!

I can’t wait for it to get here! I’m working on being well-balanced in terms of cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility. This will totally help. I’ve been forcing myself to do stretching every night but I’d really like a good yoga routine that I enjoy. This will give me lots of options. For me variety is key!

2. This is how in spending my downtime at work today!


Magazine catch up! Last year I gave up my magazine addiction, I used to buy 5-6 maybe more magazine from the store each month. Now I have a few subscriptions that I got using online deals to get them super cheap. Then my friend and I trade! Much cheaper.

3. Yesterday, on the way home from Wenatchee, we stopped at a local apple packer place. They had boxes of honeycrisp apples for $10! That’s a steal! Plus they are local Washington apple! They are massive.


This one weighed a pound! I had a quarter of it with breakfast and another quarter for lunch. Kia wanted a bite too!

4. I’m totally obsessed with my muscles.

I’ve never had muscles like I do right now. I love feeling them and seeing them. Of course, I know it’s a little ridiculous, but I worked so hard for these muscles. I deserve to be proud of them, right!? For my husband’s sake I should probably tone down my enthusiasm but whatever he can deal with it!

5. I found this picture online, it’s my current phone screen.


This is so inspiring! Seriously, it makes to proud to pass on fries or get in extra crunches after I’ve already done my workout.

I always keep inspirational photos on my background screens on my phone. I mean, my phone is basically attached to me so seeing something like this every single time I use it, just makes my day that much better! I highly suggest you put a motivational message on your background.

Well that’s my Friday Five! Have a great evening!


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