Miss Moody

That’s me. Oh but wait I’m married, so I’m Mrs. Moody. Seriously, I go from happy to upset in time flat. And for no reason whatsoever. Its frustrating, because I don’t understand it!

This was very good week in fitness. I got in 458 minutes of exercise! And I took last Sunday and  Monday off to rest my shoulder. Funny enough, the rest didn’t help but the pain is gone now. So this is what my week looked like:
Monday: REST
Tuesday: Bob’s Total Body DVD and some dancing to warm-up
Wednesday: Bob’s Ultimate Cardio DVD and some dancing to warm-up
Thursday: Jillian’s Extreme Shed and Shred plus my arms workout and extra crunches
Friday: Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred
Saturday: Bob’s Beginner Transformation DVD, boxing to warm-up and 30 minutes of yoga
Sunday: Boxing, dancing, yoga, and Jillian’s Metabolism Boost DVD

With a total of 4284 calories burned!

Plus I already bragged about growing muscles. And speaking of boxing…I totally never mention that my amazing husband got me a punching bag for Christmas! Its so awesome! I need to get hand wraps because it hurts my knuckles, but I can do short workouts on it. I like to play some power songs and punch it out for a little extra warm-up. If you have any good boxing workouts let me know! Right now, I just go from memory and do some punch combos. I’ve search online and can’t find anything.

As great as I feel about this week. I had a little bit of rough time because the scale barely moved. I feel good about how far I’ve come but I still want more. I know it takes time, but some days its tough to keep going. I don’t even know how to explain it really. This is just a bad day (or few) talking.

The plan for this week is just keep doing what I’m doing. Workout DVDs everyday. Oh and my new yoga today!! It has plenty of short workouts so I think I will try and do some yoga everyday. Even 15 minutes will be beneficial if that’s all I can fit in. The weather channel said it might be near the 40s here late next week so maybe I can starting running again. No promises there. I’m such a baby when it comes to cold weather running.

Anyway, I’m working on a progress page and a few more things for the blog, plus I’m making all new signs for work so there’s a lot to get done!

Until next time! Have a great week!




5 thoughts on “Miss Moody

  1. Sabrina

    I’m Miss Moody too. Or I’ll be Miss and you can be Mrs. Anyways, great week on the workout front. I need to get my butt in gear too!

  2. Kayla

    I think I could seriously use a punching bag!! You had an excellent week of workouts! Being patient with the scale is probably the hardest thing about weight loss! UGH

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