Keep On Keeping On

This morning I got up and did a 25 minute Good Morning yoga routine, then got back in bed. I actually went to the bedroom to get socks, but then I started talking to Blake and ended up laying down again.

I mentioned the other day that I’ve been struggling a little mentally because the scale hasn’t moved. Well, that must have jinxed things because the next day it was up 3 pounds, for no reason. I’ve been tracking my eating and working out everyday so it’s baffling.

So this morning when I told Blake how frustrated I was, he said, hasn’t this happened before? Well, yes. But I haven’t been so focused like I am now. He said to just keep doing what I’m doing.

The conversation continued in my head. I asked myself, what would I be doing differently if I was at my goal weight? Would I stop working out? No. Would I eat differently? No. Well Erin, there you have it.

For the first time I finally feel like this is forever. This is my life. This is who I always was, even when I was at my heaviest weight I was in love with fitness and health. I’ve always had subscriptions to the fitness magazines, I read all the blogs, I figured out the calories in meals, I bought workout DVDs. But this passion of mine was hidden under 50 pounds of excess fat. I felt like I couldn’t express myself because I was fat. I was too fat to do what I wanted.

Well, I’m not now. I am a strong and fit woman. I can run mile after mile. I enjoy split lunges aka jumping lunges.(sick, I know) I’m building strong muscles everyday. I’m not going to be hold myself back because I’m too fat anymore.


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