Commiting to Insanity

Well I’m committing to Insanity.

I think I knew deep down I was going to. I just love those hard intense workout that have your heart thumping in your throat. I love to prove to myself that I can do anything.

I really can’t think of a time I’ve committed to program like this one. At first I thought I’d just do the workouts and eat the same as I have been but since I’ve been struggling a little with the number on the scale, I’ve decided to do this program completely.

I’ve researched the Insanity Elite Nutrition Program and it is totally doable. It’s pretty close to the way I eat now, its not some crazy diet that I’ll never quit in 3 days. The general idea is that you eat 5 smaller meals each day. It emphasizes whole grain, lean meats, low-fat dairy, and plenty of fruit and veggies. The plan provides you will exact meal options to pick for each of the 5 daily meals.

I think the idea of being told exactly what to eat right now will help. I get a little too lenient with myself sometimes. There are no crazy ingredients that will cost me a bundle and I’ll only use once and the rest will go bad. I really love that aspect. I typed up all the meals in to an east to read document so that I can easily make a shopping list. It wont really take much planning on my part, I just pick a meal off the list and done. Everything is a quick easy meal, I like that, especially with how much I’m working lately.

The negatives are that it might get a little boring picking from the same menu for 60 days, but they do provide some substitutions, like Blake doesn’t eat cottage cheese, so he can replace it with plain yogurt or a cheese stick. Also the meals are not the most creative but its only 60 days,  I can live with a little bit of boredom. I’ve never had a problem eating the same thing day after day so it probably won’t be that big of deal, I might just miss cooking up something fun.

So here’s the deal, I’m starting with eating 1600 calories each day. I will still be tracking my calories on myfitnesspal. I will limit my sugar intake, this will be the hardest because of my coffee drinks at work, but I’m going to pick up some Truvia (allowed on the plan) to make my lattes with out added sugar. For the first few days, I’m going to make some little changes to use up what we have in the house. We are on a limited budget right now so I can’t afford to just toss out something because its not on the plan. I will just have to make it work. After I use up what I have, then I can replace it with things on the plan.

I’m actually looking forward to this next 60 days! The workouts are tough but short about 40 minutes. Of course my legs feel like they might fall off but they never do!

This is my new motto!


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