What I Ate Wednesday

Surprise! I finally remembered to take some pictures on my food this week! All these pictures are from Sunday. This is the day I decided to start following the Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan. It was on my drive to work that morning that I really made the decision, so I stopped at the store at 5:45 am and picked up a few things. These aren’t exact meals from the plan but they follow the general idea.



Fiber One Raisin Bran Clusters with a cup of 2% milk.

Meal 2:


One cup of cottage cheese sprinkled with slivered almonds (2 tbsp) and a pink orange. I never put nuts on my cottage cheese before, I like it plain but it wasn’t bad!



This little sandwich was delicious! It’s a Lean Cuisine Panini, Spinach Artichoke and Chicken! It came with a little magic plate that made it toasted straight from the microwave! Magic! I was so surprised. I never like microwave sandwiches because they are usually soggy, but this was a gem! I’d eat them all the time if I owned a microwave.

At this point I made it home and took a nap, did my workout, and was ready for my next meal when Blake decided we should have a date night! You see, we tried to have a date night on Saturday, but it didn’t work out. First, we tried to go bowling but there was an hour and half wait, and by this time I was starving! Then we went to our favorite steak house, The Porterhouse, but Blake was feeling super sick so we left without ordering! Slightly embarrassing but better than him being sick.

I was really looking forward to our date because we have been stressed with him still having no job and I’m working as much as I can. So when he decided to have our date night on Sunday I jumped on it!

And we had delicious Mexican food!



I splurged with a giant peach margarita! I’ve even craving one of these, and ever since summertime I’m in love with everything peach!

For my main meal, I went with the Vegetarian Burrito! I splurged on the margarita so I didn’t want anything too fattening. I subbed re-fried beans for black beans, for the first time in my life. I’ve always known black beans are better for you, but I never switched. Plus they weren’t covered in cheese. I only ate about 1/3 of the burrito, all the rice and maybe 1/2 the beans. Plus all the guac, I love guacamole!

I have to admit it was strange for me to eat a burrito with green beans in it, but it had all those yummy Mexican flavors I was hoping for, I really enjoyed it! Probably one of the healthiest choices on the menu.

After dinner we had to stop at Walmart, so we took a lap around the whole store to browse and burn some dinner off! Which was actually Blake’s idea, it was nice to walk around even though it was a slow pace.

We also rented the new Bourne movie from RedBox, can’t beat $1 when you are on a budget!

Today is a beautiful day in Eastern Washington! It’s sunny and 42 degrees!

Shades Required!

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Happy Wednesday! I sure hope its sunny weather for you too!