Successful January!

January 2013 rocked! I totally kicked butt this month! I had zero days where I went totally crazy and ate and ate and ate! ZERO! That’s huge. Like monumentally.

This morning I weight 183.2 pounds, with a loss of 7.4 for the whole month.


That’s a good month for me. Like it took me 12 months to lose 30 pounds last year… So as you can see I really kicked butt. In total inches I lost about 7 inches. Mostly from my belly, hips, and chest! I lost an inch in my hips, which is so exciting because I’ve been wearing a belt with a few pairs of my size 8 jeans, maybe, just maybe, I will fit in to a 6 soon. That will be a great day!

As for February 2013… I’m ready to kill it!


The How and Why…
– I mentioned the 28 Day Blog Challenge yesterday, everyday this month I will be making some changes to the blog to help improve it!

– I’m getting closer and closer to my goal weight. Officially on the BMI chart my ideal weight is 160 which still feels so far away, so I’m working towards 5 pound chunks. At each five pound increment, I’d like to access where my I’m at how I feel, if I want to lose more and then finally settle on a happy weight for me and my body. Another 5 lbs in February is perfect to help me reach these goals, of course no complaints if I lose more!

-I’d like to get to the point where I do some yoga, even just a short flow on most days of the week, so I need to start building be habit slowly. I set reminders in my phone for every Monday and Wednesday to do some yoga. This will help me start the habit!

-I don’t think I will have any problem sticking with the insanity schedule, but it important enough to me that I want to include it on the list!

-Somedays I drink 100 oz of water, other days I only get about 30 oz. I think tracking will help me stay consistent and get more water on average!

That’s it! What are your February goals? Anything exciting planned this month?


8 thoughts on “Successful January!

  1. trikatykid

    How tall are you? I think it’s crazy that you fit into a size 8 comfortably at the weight you’re at.. I’m only 5’5″ and around 150 and I am uncomfortable in size 10! I am only saying this because I think it’s interesting how different women’s bodies are .. As you know I have been put on a hiatus from exercise for a little while.. and right now my biggest problem with regular pants is the rigid waist line. I am wearing sweats every day! I feel like I have gained 100 pounds or that my stomach is distended or something.. I am so proud of your success! I know you have worked very hard and I am so glad that you are finally seeing changes. You look great! I commented on one of your photos.. your body looks very different from the photos this summer. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to get moving again myself! :-)

    1. mrsalexzan Post author

      I’m 5’7. It’s totally crazy about how different women’s bodies are! My sis weighs about the same as me, she is wearing a size 10 but overall she looks bigger than me, I think she is about 5’4. I have no hips, and I like to wear my pants down below my belly button-completely against my mothers wishes! Also there is only one women’s clothing
      store in my town so I have to buy my jeans there. When I go other places I will have to figure out my size.

      Something really changed in me after this fall with the miscarriage and surgery. I can’t tell you what it was but I really started to get serious. It all became so much easier. Plus I started doing those DVDs at home which have more weight lifting than I was doing. That’s really helped. I’ve seen more change in these last 4 months than ever before!

      As for you, I know how hard it can be to wait patiently but keep up the good work! You will be back to training in no time! Also I only jeans to work, otherwise just yoga pants! Haha, my husband said something about it the other day, and I said what’s the point in getting my jeans dirty! ;)

      1. trikatykid

        I didn’t know you had surgery.. just a D&C? Or something else?

        A lot has changed in me too.. and I am being patient.. I don’t feel well enough to run yet but the desire is growing, so that’s good. I am really excited to put 3 years of pain BEHIND me! And I am really looking forward to getting back to the body I had three years ago, when it all started going downhill (NOT GETTING INVOLVED IN THAT TSFL CRAPOLA DIET AGAIN) – It was one of those stupid bait & switch things, I was desperate for a job.. It’s one of those things I consider to be a public failure in my professional life. OH well! Live & learn!

      2. trikatykid

        I didn’t mean “just” a D&C.. I did that even to myself.. “it’s just a simple procedure” .. and before I knew it I was in a gown with IVs and hairnet and a breathing tube. I am glad you were able to get so much positive out of it!

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