Help! No Energy

Good Morning Friends!

Late last night my work schedule was changed so I’m working a morning shift rather than closing this afternoon. As much as I hate getting up at 4 am, being done with work at 1 pm is awesome!

Today I need to go grocery shopping, we are out of everything! Including milk and peanut butter, and I only have one egg left! That is unheard of in our house! I did however get to try overnight oats in my empty peanut butter jar like a real blogger.


I feel so legit now! Another blogger requirement… Love of froyo!


Vanilla yogurt loaded with kiwi and pineapple! Obviously not on the Insanity nutrition program but delicious nonetheless! Also it was BOGO, who can pass up that kind of deal? Luckily, I’m really good at serving myself just one serving. How do I know? I’ve asked them to weigh it before toppings multiple times and I’m always right on the money! This is a skill you pick up by measuring your food all the time, you learn to eyeball it pretty well. Adding this to my resume!

Speaking of the Insanity nutrition plan…. I’m not doing so great at sticking to it. It’s really a shame too, it’s so easy and it really works. I lost 2 lbs last week when I did a good job at following it, this week I’ve been steady with no loss or gain.

So far today I’ve stuck to the plan, so I should be able to finish the day out perfectly. Tomorrow, I’m supposed to go with my sister to Seattle, because she has an appointment. At first I thought there is no way I could stay on the schedule because I will have no control over the food and stopping. I thought it would be rude to take my own food and eat in front of her, but then I realized it wouldn’t be rude if I brought food/snack for both of us. That’s just being a good sister. So that’s my plan to stick to the plan for tomorrow. She will think I’m such a kind and loving sister!

I’ve also noticed that I have no energy lately. I wake up lethargic and aching with none of my spunk. I’m usually a cheerful girl with a positive outlook, but most days that cheer is no where to be found, at least for the last several weeks.

I saw this article, Fighting Fatigue . I do most things they recommend like drink water, eat regularly scheduled meals, get enough sleep, get enough exercise. But there were two things that struck a cord with me.

Limit Sitting
Ok, I can do that. I can stand at work, I have to remind myself constantly but I can do it. Also I spend too much time watching tv with Blake and typically it’s stuff I don’t even enjoy! I need to make a conscious effort to get up and do something besides watch his lame shows! Yesterday, I went through some junk in our spare room while I watched the Biggest Loser on the NBC iPhone app, so big point there!

Reduce Stress
How do people actually accomplish this? I’m always stressed out, I don’t know how people just “relax” or “let it go.” I’m working on reducing stress. I’m trying to find a second job to help with finances until Blake gets a new job. I’m selling stuff we don’t need, to get extra money. I turn on relaxing music and focus on breathing before bed to help meditate. I just honestly don’t know how to actually reduce my stress level.

Any tips?

I did remember to take an Iron supplement and a Vitamin B complex. Both have been recommend by my doctor, and both are said to help with energy levels among other things.

I should also make a conscious effort to devoting my yoga practices to inner peace. Could work.

I’m hopefully I will start to feel like myself again!


5 thoughts on “Help! No Energy

  1. Sabrina

    I noticed that when I started eating a clean/whole diet (based off the book It Starts With Food) I was sleeping soundly at night and felt so energized throughout the day too.

    Now I want fro-yo, *sighs*

  2. livliveslife

    Ugh, I am the same way about stress. I envy those who don’t experience it often! I think the way that I best relieve stress would be to either exercise or completely remove myself from “life”…as in, read a book because I want to, watch TV even though I don’t have the time to, or go to bed at a reasonable time. Sometimes I think tackling too much day in and day out is the worst for stress! Feel better soon!

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