A Walk In Seattle

When most people think about Washington, they automatically think Seattle.

Well, I grew up in Eastern/Central Washington. The east side of the state completely different from the west! It doesn’t rain very much here, there are no evergreen trees, and we have only two Starbucks per corner instead of four! Just kidding, my town only has three Starbucks total.


Beautiful snowy mountains and evergreens on the way there!

For some reason I end up going to Seattle or Seattle area, like once a year for some reason or another. I’ve been there for a wedding, a concert, a girls day… Yesterday, I accompanied my sister to a couple of appointments to see a gastro-something specialist. Her appointments lasted for hours. Ugh!

But I totally took the opportunity to get in an active recovery day! Yesterday was supposed to be a rest day, but that doesn’t mean sit on my butt all day.


Such a lovely section of sidewalk! I love that its lined with trees!

When I first left the hospital I had about half an hour until the parking meter expired (another thing we don’t have). So I walked a few blocks until I saw a Tully’s Coffee! Another Seattle coffee company, I was secretly hoping to see McDreamy since he recently bought that company.


I ordered the Dark Chocolate Eclair Cream Mocha and a hazelnut biscotti.


Nutritional Stats: No freaking idea! And I didn’t care! I love dark chocolate and eclairs. So it was a done deal.

Plus then I hauled my butt up the hills back to the car to feed the meter in record time. And started walking again! I just wanted something to besides sit in a waiting room.

I walked around the hospital then down Pike street toward the famous, Pike Place Market. I walked past a giant Nike store which was killer as I’m dying for new running gear! Oh and there was a LuLuLemon only a few more blocks down!


And there was H&M, Old Navy, Gap… All those store, but what’s a poor girl to do? Keep walking! I had to walk down 5th Avenue!!


Yes, I know the “real” 5th ave is in New York but Seattle has their designers on 5th too! Across from LV was Gucci!


“It might look like gucky, but it’s Gucci.”

Please tell me you know where this is from, my sis didn’t! Anyways, you know you are a small town girl when walking by Gucci and LV make you super happy!

I blame Sex and the City for my love of labels although I would never buy any of it. Even if I could afford it, well I might buy something if I could afford it.


I also spotted food trucks! I’ve never had food from a truck… Except maybe an ice cream truck!

I didn’t want to get too far from the hospital so I headed back uptown. I was only two blocks away when my sis called to say she was done.

She had a short break between her two appointments but not enough time to get anything to eat, so we just had the snacks I brought. Her second appointment lasted another 2 hours! Kill me! By this time my phone was dead meaning I couldn’t leave the hospital so I was left reading the Wizard of Oz! I bought all 14 books on my kindle for $1. I really want to see the new movie coming out so I thought it would be fun to read the book or books. I didn’t know there 15 of them.

During the wait, I had to keep running down to the car to feed the meter! Kind of funny, but at least I got more steps in!

I really enjoyed my walk in Seattle! It made me think about tons of stuff I would do if I lived there. Like run up and down those hills! My butt and my shins are really feeling it today.

One last shot of the beautiful fluffy clouds on the way home!


Blake and I have never been there together! So crazy, right? A day trip like this is so much fun. Now I have city envy! I think I’d love living in a big city, downtown where I could walk everywhere and take the metro!


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    1. mrsalexzan Post author

      Seattle is basically the only major city I’ve really been to, I’ve been to Portland, OR but never really experienced the downtown area like I have in Seattle.

    1. mrsalexzan Post author

      Well if you come visit, I can show you around! We can do a swap, I’ll come to Florida for a Disney Race and you can come here for a Seattle trip!

    1. mrsalexzan Post author

      I’ve never been to Arizona, but I’m sure its totally different! Although, Eastern Washington is also a desert, so maybe similar in someways too.

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