Friday Five

It’s another beautiful day here in Eastern Washington, not to rub it in the faces of those being thrashed by Winter Storm Nemo. I’m still struggling with being over stressed so a nice cheerful, blue sky is a comfort!


Not a cloud in sight!

And now, this week’s Friday Five!

1. My workout schedule is all messed up this weekend. I was supposed to do the 2nd Insanity fit test today, but I woke with a major headache. My body feels worn out. I also have plans tonight with friends, but I’m not going to skip my friend time to workout. I always put working out at the top of my priorities, above friends, but right now I really think I need time with friends.

2. Yesterday, I was in Seattle with my sister for some appointments and I walked over 4 miles in downtown Seattle. The hills are killers!


I have a bunch of pictures, I’ll do a full post on my walk later.

3. In order to take yesterday off I agreed to work an extra shift tomorrow so I’m working 6 – 6!! It will be a long day! I’m fully prepared with plenty of books on my kindle, a travel DVD player, and of course, an infinite supply of coffee. I’ve done all day shifts before they aren’t too bad.

4. The other day I was in search of some nicer clothes, all of my fancier clothes don’t fit anymore. So I headed to Maurice’s aka the only store in my town! I didn’t buy anything… But I did try on a pair of size 6 jeans. And… They buttoned! Yay!! But I didn’t like the way they fit on my thighs. Also I don’t need new jeans right now. I’m only in the market for needs.

5. The reason I needed some nice clothes, is because I had an interview for a second job. Unfortunately I have not heard back, but that’s ok. I have a few other places I’m going to try. I’m worried about bills because obviously our savings is going to run out, uh like March rent will suck it dry. Also there is tons of things I want like new running shoes and race entries, plus new clothes for this smaller bod. (I think after losing 35 lbs I deserve all new clothes!) Therefore, I need to make more money.

Hey, a Famous Footwear is opening soon…. I should work there and then get a discount on my running shoes! That would be an awesome job perk, but I have a feeling I will need a bigger closet. Or maybe I should starting buying those power-ball tickets.

Fun fact! A guy who won like 18 million a few years ago, bought his ticket at the Safeway next to my work, and lives at the country club where my in laws live! Hmm maybe he’s hiring a new maid?

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. I hope you have a fabulous Friday!


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