Catch Up

Hi friends! Wow so much has happened since my last post. I’ve been go-go-go-go for what feels like forever, but finally this afternoon I have no errands to run. Thankfully! I need the little break.

Let’s see, Thursday was the day I spent in Seattle with my sister, despite having the day off this was not a relaxing day. Blame it on 6-7 hours in the car plus a few hours sitting in the waiting room. However, it was an enjoyable day.

IMG_3076Another picture from my walk! Blue-skies and skyscrapers!

Friday, I spent working with a huge headache. I was so tired and exhausted from the previous day, I went to bed right after work. On Friday I also found out that I got the job I applied/interviewed for last week! I’m now an Inside Sales Rep for the Columbia Basin Herald! Today was my first official day working the phones and it went pretty well. I have a plenty of room for improvement, but I’m looking forward to it. I will be working at the paper in the mornings and keep my regular work schedule at the espresso stand. This is a huge relief! It will definitely help with the next few months bills.

When I got home from work there was a nice little package waiting for me…


I was so excited to get my tank top and pink laces!

The weekend was so hectic, I didn’t get to wear it until yesterday.


It fits!

Yesterday, I was able to go out-of-town for some shopping. My new job requires more professional attire. I had a lot of fun finding clothes that look good and fit well. I love having options. I didn’t have to look in the plus size stuff or the clearance racks. Let me tell you shopping is way more fun when you have options.

I bought two things this weekend that were not technically on the list. But I love both of them. One is a beautiful, light grey moto jacket! It’s so soft and I feel like a total badass in it. I’ll get a picture here soon! The second item was…..


these babies! Asics Blur33’s. They are beautiful. They came with lime green laces but I switched them out for my pink laces! I wore these last night for Insanity and they were nice! This is my first pair of Asics, but Blake is a big fan so I’ve wanted to try them out especially since my other shoes give me blisters.


Speaking of Insanity, I got way off track with the schedule. Oh well. Since I didn’t start at the beginning of the week in the first place, I’m not even worried about it. I will just keep crossing days off as I do them. I’m planning on doing the second fit test today with my workout, and then skipping the Cardio Recovery video, its boring anyway. I think I will be caught up after that, but if not, oh well I will just keep trucking along until its done.

And lastly, my eating. Oh man, it was all over the place this weekend. Everyday started with good intentions but then it went south. Only one day was really bad where I binged. The rest of the days I just ate more than I need to lose weight. On one had this good, its along the lines of me living life like I’m at my goal weight, but on the other hand, it’s not good because I’m still trying to lose.

Even on the days where I ate more, I didn’t eat “bad” stuff, I just ate more calories than necessary to lose weight. (With the exception on Saturday, when I consumed half a pizza plus cheese sticks.) I just like to think everyday is a work in progress.

Today, I have tons of laundry to fold. Plus I think I will take my Kia for a walk!

Good day, friends!


4 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. Alyssa

    YAY for a new job!!! I love too that it’s for a paper – newspaper need support in all forms, especially bright employees like you. Also, love the shoes!!! The pink definitely makes them even more awesome <3

  2. DrinkWaterEatOatmeal

    way to go on the new job!!!!! that is SO exciting!!!!! and also everytime i read about you being at the coffee stand, i think that’s so cool. I have a friend who all she talks about is wanting to know how to make all those different drinks! i find it impressive

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