Friday Five Love Edition

Hi Friends!!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day this week, I thought I’d focus my Friday Five on LOVE! But don’t worry, this this isn’t your typically V-day love post!

1. New Job! I’ve been so busy working this week and I love it! Seriously, I thought being a sales person would be hard…Not so. Sure tons of people say NO, but then I just call someone else up. I love having a deadline and goal to work towards. It felt so good to reach my first goal today.

Everyone is super nice and helpful, especially because I ask tons of freaking questions. They also let me skip out a little early today for my shift at the espresso stand. It’s so nice to have someone really mean it when they say they can be flexible around my other job.

2.Willpower! Yesterday, I arrived at work to find this little guy sitting on my desk!


It was a thanks that’s sweet, but no thanks kind of deal! I didn’t eat it, I took it home for Blake, along with the cookie I received. I just didn’t want it. I never felt tempted. I knew it wouldn’t be the worlds best cupcake, and I’d rather have a latte than your average cupcake!

3.Being So Busy
This week has been awesome. I’ve felt less stressed out than I have in two months. I’m working 50 hours this week and the following weeks, until B gets a new job. I’m really loving it, I haven’t spent any extra time doing mindless crap like watching tv. I think I thrive when I’m busy like this!

I paid for my Bloomsday entry the other day! I’m super pumped! I put my estimated time a full 10 minutes faster than last year! Yikes! It doesn’t matter if I make it in that time or not, it’s just to determine which color bib I will have, but that’s my goal this year. Technically I haven’t even started training yet….But I’m promising to get a run in over the next 4 days. I’m really hoping my strength training will enhance my running this year.


Loving my new Asics for Insanity but its time to break them in on some pavement!

5.Chocolate & Almonds
Let’s make one thing food related! I’m loving everything with the chocolate almond combination! I’ve had Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter almost everyday since I bought it. On a waffle with strawberries and a little whip cream… The best.

Also my in laws gave a me cute little box of the Ferrero Collection chocolates yesterday and it has a dark chocolate almond one. OhMyYum. My new favorite kind of chocolates ever.

6. BONUS: Plans Tomorrow
I just have to add one more! Tomorrow I have a dinner & movie date with one of my very best friends, Tara! We will have so much fun! Shout out to you lady! She always reads my blog, such a huge supporter of mine.

So there you have it! I’m super busy but still have time for friends and chocolate!

Let’s hear about all the exciting stuff you have been doing this week! Or boring stuff, some weeks just happen to be boring, right?!

What would you rather have than one of those store bought mass produced cupcakes?


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