What’s In My Purse?!

It’s the freaking weekend, baby, gonna have me some fun!

Quick Name That Song!

I’m super excited because I’m off work at 1:00 this afternoon! It’s supposed to be 50 degrees and there is not a cloud in sight! Perfect for running. Last night, I promised Kia we would go for a run, and there’s no breaking promises to your dog!!! Then it’s dinner and a movie (Safe Haven) with my girl, Tara!

The other day Caitlin, from Healthy Tipping Point shared everything inside her purse and I thought I looked fun, so I’m sharing what’s in mine today!


First off, I bought this tiny purse because I was tired of carrying the entire contents of my house around with me everyday! Now I’m sick of it, I’m ready to switch back to a bigger one.


Giant wallet which is two years old! Time for a new one!

Notebooks. One for the budget and one for my randoms lists.

Notes for a future blog post, should have wrote in my notebook.



Survey card for Red Robin

Toothbrush and tooth paste. I drink a lot of coffee so sometimes I feel like brushing!


Nail polish! I’m trying to quit biting so I keep color on my nails. The dark red is my ultimate fav. I really like the light pink, but the brush is wacked! No wonder it was only 75 cents.

Two chapsticks. One is supposed to be in my coat pocket.

Little compact mirror.

Keys for the car and keys for the jeep. I keep them separate because bulky keys drive me nuts!

Random quarter I found during a meeting at my new job! Bonus!

The plus side to a dinky sized purse is not a lot of room for junk!

What’s in your purse?!

I was thinking when I get my first check from the paper I’d buy myself a running skirt but maybe I should get a new purse? Hmmm….