Long Run

Today was the first long run of the season, Sundays will be long run days because I should have the day off most of the time. Although with my crazy schedule I have to be flexible so maybe they will happen on Saturdays or Mondays. But I’m planning them on Sundays.

My first race, Bloomsday (12K) in Spokane, Washington is quickly approaching on May 5th. Check out my schedule of races here.

I’m sorta of hoping to take 10 minutes off my time from last year. Maybe that’s a lofty goal, I mean, it is a full minute fast on each mile (approximately) than I ran last year. However, I’m going into it this year way more prepared. Last year, I registered for the race on whim only three weeks before the day of the race.

This year I’ve kept in shape all winter by using workout DVDs from people like Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, and Shaun T (Insanity). I’ve lost weight and built muscle. I am a way stronger runner than I was last year. I’m working on being a smarter runner like with breathing technique and such but I’m a far cry from really knowing what I’m doing. I will learn. I have really high hopes for this running season.

Today’s long run was really amazing and a bit brutal at the same time. The pain in my hip/side of my butt was still there when I woke up this morning but not too bad. I stretched and walked to warm up for a few blocks and didn’t think my hip would really be an issue. Before I started I decided to turn off the voice feedback for speed and time, and just focus on running a steady pace. I took a newish route, by adding in some back roads that I don’t usually run on. These took me into a more industrial area of my neighborhood but its pretty desolate, there are only a few businesses out there.

It was nice to not worry about dogs, other people, and cars!

This confused me though. Who dumps a box spring in the middle of nowhere?


My route also took me through the Job Corps campus and near the Moses Lake International Airport, where I came across this sign.


Since it didn’t say no runners, I figured it was safe to continue but I’ll probably have Homeland Security knocking on my door tomorrow morning.

I really felt great during this, my butt/hip region was sore but not too noticeable.

My goal was to do 4 miles but at the halfway point I felt so good I add a little extra section through the community college campus knowing that I was still almost 2 miles from home.


This was right before I hit mile 4 and still smiling! And I must add, looking pretty cute in my new jacket and headband. That headband/warmer thingy really helped keep my ears warm because it was kind of windy. It also kept sweat off my face and the kept the sunglasses on my face!

I continued on and ended up running 4.55 miles and the walked home a few blocks to cool down. I felt pretty great up until the last .55 but I just kept telling my self that this was extra so I was able to push through the pain.

4.55 miles

I’m really happy with this map! I really like seeing steady green. At first, I felt worried about running without knowing how fast I was going. There were times when I felt like I was going so slow, and wanted to go faster but I had to remind myself steady pace work is important too. Clearly, I fell into a groove that worked for me and that makes me really excited.

Sadly, about an hour after my run I felt terrible. My butt/hip pain was unbearable, I couldn’t even stretch it without wanting to cry. This I was not expecting. I stretched as much as possible and eventually took some ibuprofen but it was still hours until the pain really subsided. Right now, I feel a million times better than I did around 3:00 this afternoon but I really felt miserable for a couple hours.

Tomorrow will probably be a rest day!

Now its time for dinner. Have a great night! See you tomorrow!


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