Friday 5


Happy Friday!

Man oh man, this week has been jam packed! That’s how I like ’em! Some big things have happened this week so lets get started with my Friday 5!

1. Family!
You might not remember, but in October my oldest brother and his family surprised us by moving to Texas without warning. It broke my heart. I missed my niece and nephew so much, but they finally made it home yesterday.


Big hugs for Auntie Erin! When I opened the door she immediately reached for a hug! Melt my heart.


Mister was super busy with his iPod to be bothered with a hug! But he did pose so handsomely for this picture. He thought he was being sooooo funny. Tonight, we are having a big family dinner. I can’t wait for more hugs!

2. Fitbloggin

Yep. I’m attending Fitbloggin13 and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s being held in Portland, Oregon this year, only 4 hours drive from here! Thanks to Sweat Pink, I get a little discount on the tickets. I also found a roomie to split the cost of the hotel. SERIOUSLY, can’t wait!

3. Teamsters.
Today, my hubby went back to work at his old job thank to his Teamsters union! This is such a blessing! Not only does he have a great job again, but soon he will get back pay for the last two months. It’s so unbelievable. We will be able to put money in savings, pay off some bills, and have some fun. Good timing too because in the month of March is my birthday and our anniversary.

4. Monthly Weigh In


A loss of 3.2 pounds. I wanted 5 but I’ll take 3, I was expecting only to lose one pound, but two days ago I dropped 2.4 pounds! I was so surprised, I almost didn’t want to check my weight today in fear of it being a fluke! (It wasn’t!)

I’ve also been getting a lot of compliments! Everyone always asks how much I’ve lost. 37 Pounds. Wow! From my heaviest its 52 pounds. I feel like a brand new person!

5. Possible No Scale Challenge

I’m debating doing a no scale March, but I can’t decide. On the one hand, it help will me to relax and enjoy my birthday and anniversary a little more, without worrying about how much I will weigh the next day. But it could also lead to weight gain, without the daily reminder. I can see myself using this to indulge more than I typically would. When I was doing weekly weigh ins, I would eat a little more in the first part of the week and then realize oh I have to weigh myself in three days so I better cut back. This why I went back to daily.

Ideally, I will eventually get to a place where I can maintain my weight without weighing myself every single day, but it might be risky to try it when I still want to be loosing weight!

But it could also be a good chance to prove its not all about the number on the scale.

What do you think?

I hope you have a great weekend full of fun stuff! I’m working (of course) and have a night out with friends tomorrow!


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