Work It, Work It!

Welp, another week is in the books.

My workouts were pretty good. I had a few days of tough work outs, and more easy days than usually, but it worked out just fine! I’m still trying to balance my workouts and work schedule. I’d like to run three times a week, but my work schedule makes it a little tough. After daylight savings it will be a little easier because it won’t be dark when I get home.

Ideally, I think three days running, two days strength, and one day yoga or active rest day will be just about right.

My workouts for the week looked like this:

Monday: Yoga

  • Focus on the hips! This really helped to relieve some of that pain in my hip/butt.

Tuesday: 5K Run

  • Speed work. I found this guide to speed work without a track. 1/2 mile fast with 1/4 mile recovery-repeat for 3 miles.
  • I was totally excited to get a 5K under 30 minutes because I wasn’t aiming for it!

Wednesday: Zumba

  • I sorta kinda invited myself to Zumba class with a new friend from work.
  • It was fun but I didn’t burn as many calories as I would have liked, I felt like I was trying hard but my heart rate wasn’t getting up there.

Thursday: Bob Harper’s Beginners Transformation DVD

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Bob Harper’s Total Body Transformation

  • Blake and I were planning to go for a run together, but it didn’t work out.
  • I realized too late that I probably shouldn’t kill my legs with jumping lunges since I was planning a long run the next day!

Sunday: Long Run 5.1 miles

  • Today’s run felt so great! And I didn’t feel like death afterwards.
  • I turned off the voice feed back and just ran by feel! IMG_3219

An excellent week of workouts, and looking forward to another!



4 thoughts on “Work It, Work It!

  1. Larissa

    Man, you would be perfect workout partner. My pace is right on par with yours, and my ideal schedule is EXACTLY the same: 3–4 days running, 2 days cross training, then yoga or rest.

    Now, that’s not what I’m managing right now. I don’t run in the dark (or snow/ice), so I’m limited until the time change. Seriously… I could have written this post about me!

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