Twenty Six

This week I turned 26! Wahoo!

My birthday was pretty great! Very low key. I had to work in the morning, then I took a lovely little nap on the couch. Followed by running a few errands, baked a healthy carrot cake and worked out with the man, Bob Harper.


I burned 710 calories to “earn” some birthday cake!

For dinner, we met up with my sister & her husband, plus my best friend & her boyfriend, at my favorite place to eat in town, The Porterhouse. It’s spendy, but oh so delicious!


Sirloin center cut, with veggies and baked potato. Complete with a side salad and bread for the table. I also had a pink Cosmo, which taste like pink lemonade!

For the first time in my life I was disappointed at the Porterhouse because they were out of prime rib! Seriously, I go there FOR the prime rib. But the steak was very good, and I had it with au jus so I could pretend it was the real deal.

The server also brought me a slice of complimentary birthday cake! It was chocolately, and super moist drizzled with an orange glaze of pure bliss. I could have ate it all myself but I shared with the table.

After that we went to my house for the real birthday cake. I made a carrot cake with a cream cheese glaze type frosting.

Pretty much in love with those sparkly candles!

Definitely a winner! Everyone liked it, and then I told them it was made with whole wheat flour and light on the butter and sugar.

I’m looking forward to being 26, I have some big plans!


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  1. katalysthealth

    Oh Bob…he’s such a hottie :) My hubs is totally aware of my giant crush on him, no worries!! I havent had carrot cake in AGES, which is really kind of sad considering how much I adore cream cheese frosting!!

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