My Recent Priorities

My routine is all outta wack these days!

This week I worked 50 hours, but originally was scheduled 56. I ended up getting Friday afternoon off and took complete advantage by sleeping! Popping around from job to job, that happen to be in two different cities, is exhausting!

It’s so exhausting that this week turned into a rest week. The fact of it is, I just needed to sleep and it took priority over working out. I wanted to workout, I just couldn’t keep my eyes open!

I seriously do not function well when I don’t get enough sleep. I feel run down, emotional, and often times sick to my stomach. It’s very strange!

I’m not worried about my low number of workouts this week. Working out has become so much more than a means to weight loss. I’m constantly striving to run faster, try harder, go longer and be better than my last time. I know that this week isn’t me falling into bad old bad habits, and the reason I don’t have to worry!

Here’s what I did do:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: Bob Harper abs plus a short run (didn’t track it) probably about 1.25 miles
Wed-Sat: rest
Sunday: planned long run. Between 5-6.5 miles

This week will not be any better in terms of my schedule, but it’s the last week of the insanity! I plan to take full advantage of my two afternoons off: today and tomorrow. Today will be about the long run, and getting some food pre-cooked and ready for the week. I’m going to be bouncing around from place to place, so I need stuff ready to go! Tomorrow evening, I’d really like to get a ton of house work done! We have a mountain of laundry that needs folded and put away! (My nemesis!)


I did take an hour to myself yesterday and got my nails done! I love the colors, but I don’t love how square they are, I’m not a big acrylics girl so this is all new to me. In fact the last time I had my nails done was two years ago for my wedding! I’m sorta excited to be able to do some trendy nail art. I’m really hoping this can help me to stop biting!

This upcoming week will be a challenge, and if my workouts loose priority again I know I will be ok! I’m on track with my eating which makes all the difference!

Hope you all a great week!


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