Happy Day friends! I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful spring day! It’s cloudy and windy here, but I’m thankful to be able to enjoy such a day!

Today, I want to talk about something I’m really working on…comparing myself to others. I’m pretty positive this is something we all do and something we should all quit!


One major source of inspiration for me, is other people! I follow a ton of other women who are striving to live a healthy lifestyle on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and of course, blogs. Most of the time it’s very inspiring. I see a picture of someone’s colorful salad at lunch and I want to head to the store to try it myself. Or someone has posted they just finished a workout and I’m sitting on the couch thinking about working out. It helps to light a flame inside me.

But there is also a fine line that I often cross where I start to feel inadequate compared to everyone else. I’m not as healthy as someone else because I’m not eating paleo or devoting two to three hours a day to working out, for example.

It gets to the point where I’m completely obsessed about everything. I could list off 10 things I’m not…as compared to someone else.

I won’t. Because I don’t think it’s constructive.

My whole life I’ve had to handle being compared to other people. And it always drove me nuts! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been compared to my sister. We are two different people, why should we be the same?! I never wanted to be exactly like my sister, I think she is an amazing person but I still want to me. For a long time, I felt like I wasn’t good enough. Being me wasn’t as good as being my sister.

Good news: I got over that. It still bugs me a little because I just think I am me and she is she. Two different people. It’s not a competition.

Ironically, now here I am comparing myself to other people by my own choice!

Well, enough is enough.

I am taking a stand. Trust me when I tell you I am in one in a million. And so are you! Apples and oranges…so they say!

I’m ready to stop trying to climb that tree, so to speak. Its exhausting trying to always be as good as someone else. I know that I am good enough. The only person I’m trying to be better than, is the old me.

So, let’s not compare ourselves to one another anymore. I know it will be hard, but we deserve to be unique. Maybe we don’t do something as good as the next, but hey I’m sure there is something else you might be better at than them. It just means your are different!

Different is good!

Here’s to being unique and different!


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