Friday Five: Lots of News Edition

Happy Friday!

Can I just start off by saying I really like the word edition, I don’t know why, it’s just one of those words I like to use!

Next, I hope everyone’s Friday is suberb so far. Mine’s pretty good, although I’ve been pretty clumsy, clumsy and coffee isn’t the best combination. But what can you do? Except keep a mop handy!

I have a bunch of exciting things to share so it’s time for the Friday Five!

1. Uh, I’m racing tomorrow! Looks like my race schedule is starting a bit early than anticipated, I signed up for a local 10k. I’m going into it with the mindset that its just a long run with a cool T-shirt at the end. To be honest, I don’t even know that much about the race, the website doesn’t even have a course map. That’s small town living for you! It will be fun to try it out, run a new course, and be out with other runners!

2.Sugar Detox. I signed up for a 7 day sugar detox hosted by Laura at Mommy Runs Fast. Now I’m like omg what was I thinking! Sugar is the elixir of life!

The truth is, I have way too much sugar everyday! I’m also getting too comfortable with my eating habits. I need to shake things up a little bit to help me get these last 10-15 pounds off! (Plus the three I still have to re-lose!) I’ll talk more about my plan for the detox this weekend, before I start on Monday.

3. New Clothes! I love being able to shop in a store and pick what I like, not what fits! Also, I’ve learned I don’t have to squeeze into something that’s too small, it’s ok to buy a bigger size. I look better and feel better when my clothes fit well.


The shirt and sweater in this picture are new! My hubby surprised me with gift card for our anniversary. So of course shopping was a blast, it felt like it was all free!

4.Finally Being Happy With How I Look. Yep, you read that right. Slowly but surely, I’m starting to fall in love with my body. It’s taken a while and it’s still a little bit of a work in progress, but I really am happy with body today. The reason that I want to lose about 15 more pounds is purely bout my health not my body image. It feels amazing to be able to say that!

5. New Job
Ok time for the best news of all! I’m starting a new position at my newspaper job on Monday! I’m so excited for this new opportunity, I’m moving to the Production department, where they do the promotion layouts and design the ads! It’s full time so I’ll be saying goodbye to the coffee stand, which is very bittersweet. I love the coffee stand, but I can’t pass up and opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to do! (Although, I have
to admit there was a sleepless night, when I felt so guilty for leaving.)

It’s going to be so awesome! I feel like its the start of new life in way, you know the life of a 9 to 5-er. Except its 8-5, haha!

Ah, it’s a whole fresh outlook, of course! The possibilities are endless!

So here what’s going to happen! I’m gonna quit sugar, drop the last few pounds and start my career! ;)


7 thoughts on “Friday Five: Lots of News Edition

  1. Kim @ Healthy Nest

    Lots of great, positive things going on here!!! Good luck with your race, congrats on the new job, and a HUUUUGE bravo for this line: “I’m starting to fall in love with my body.” Go you!! :)

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