The Amazing Race, That Almost Didn’t Happen

Last week, sort of unplanned I signed up for a 10k. I registered on the last day online registration was offered, and didn’t get a confirmation email or anything, the only thing I had to prove my registration was the charge on my bank account.

I waited until the last minute because I had to make sure I could get my schedule at work covered, and I still ended up working before the race. I planned on leaving work at 10:00 to get there and get my number by the start at 11:00, luckily, I double checked the start time online early Saturday morning to find the time had been changed to start at 10:00! Eeek!

I got that taken care of and then noticed that I was wearing the wrong shoes! I left the house wearing the new Reeboks, I just bought for cross training. My Asics were sitting on the floor by the couch. They are both black with white soles and pink laces plus I was getting ready at 6:00 in the morning. Luckily, Blake was able to bring me the right ones because he was coming to cheer my on!

Shew! All that aside, I made it to the start on time and ready to run! It was a beautiful day, clear sky, no cloud in sight, temperatures in the 60s.

The race started on time and we took off!


I knew right away I started out too fast, but it felt good so I went with it. I was using the Nike+ app to give me my time, and pace at every half mile.

I felt pretty good through the whole race, I was a little thirsty. There was water at the halfway point, but it was like just one swallow, I should have grabbed two.

My knees and legs didn’t ache unlike my other long runs. Getting feedback from Nike+ really helped to push me! When I heard my time at 4 miles, I actually got goosebumps! Here are my splits.

Mile 1: 7:43
Mile 2: 16:15
Mile 3: 25:06 (UH, what?! 3 miles in 25 minutes!)
Mile 4: 33:46
Mile 5: 43:09
Mile 6: 52:23
Finish: 54:54   Average pace: 8:44

I obviously started out fast and started slowing down a little bit, but I’m not complaining. I still have a lot to learn about pacing and fueling, and all that jazz.

ephrata canal caper 2013

I earned this highlighter shirt!

At the finish line Blake handed me a cup of ice water and I couldn’t not have been happier! True love to the rescue! He’s such a great support, he was also updating Facebook about my race. I’m one lucky girl!

Ok ready for the shocking news?!


I place second in my age division! Uh! WHAT? I couldn’t believe it! I was totally shocked and excited. I never expected to win a prize. I was happy with just running such a quick run.

This just proves to me that I can do so much more! There is a ton of room for improvement and I am capable of anything.

And after that Blake and I went out for Mexican food! I didn’t want to blow my calories so I had a chicken enchilada light on the cheese with little bit of rice and beans, topped with lettuce, tomato, sour cream and guac! It was delish! Pretty good post run meal.

This race has definitely fueled my passion for running, but its also making me want to get in better shape overall. I’ve made up a little plan for my training that I will share soon.

Well, I hope everyone is having a great week so far! Today was my first day in my new position as an ad designer, I didn’t really do anything but I’m learning! 

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