Sugar Detox: Two Days In

Hi Friends!

I meant to write this post on Sunday, but I spent the day hanging out with my hubs. On Sunday, after work we had a “date” to clean out our cars then we went made a quick trip out of town for Red Robin because we had a free burger that would expire that day! It was nice to spend some quality time together, I’ve been so busy that we haven’t seen too much of one another.

The week, fellow Sweat Pink blogger, Laura from Mommy Run Fast is hosting a Short and Sweet Sugar Detox.

Click image for the deets!

I signed up for Level 2: No sugar AND no processed foods. With only two weeks left in my diet bet and 2.5 pounds to go, I could use a little boost! I figured I can do it for 7 days. And actually I started practicing on Saturday because I knew I’d forget and mess up. Which I did, I tasted a some of a leftover blended drink. Darn it! However, I have made it 4 days with no sugar in my coffee! I’ve had a few plain lattes, which are not my favorite but I can drink it.

To make this work for me, I had to make some changes. It’s my personal opinion that all foods are processed. Meats is removed from the bones, eggs are packaged, beans are packaged, even if you do buy them in bulk. I don’t think all processed food=bad. Frozen veggies are processed but they make things affordable and accessible, for those of us who don’t live in a perpetual sunshine land! (There might be a hint of jealousy behind that last sentence)

So I am eliminating things like bread, crackers, cereal, my beloved granola, protein shakes/bars, butter and all things sweetened. Including peanut butter, flavored yogurt, ketchup (I’m crying about this one), and other foods. I’m reading labels, which helped me find out there is sugar in most salad dressings.

Things I’m including that could be considered “processed:” nuts (most nuts are roasted, even those that claim to be raw), nut butters without sugar, oatmeal, rice, quinoa, unsweetened salad dressing and yogurt. Frozen fruits, veggies, and meats/fish. I’m sure there is more, I’m just making it work for me.

I will admit, the only thing keeping me strong is fruit! Today I’ve had two apples and a mango. The other day I ate three bananas. Most diet plans tend to say to eat just a few fruits a day, but I figure eating a couple extra bananas is a lot better than a Snickers bar.

Do you have any tips for me? I could use any help when it comes to avoiding sugar! I will say, it helps that I’m not working at the espresso stand this week. That would be really hard.

Someone had suggested mints, but I’ve yet to find any without sugar in them.

I’d say overall, things are going pretty good. I’d like sugar, but I’m doing ok without it right now. Hopefully, tomorrow goes just as smoothly.


2 thoughts on “Sugar Detox: Two Days In

  1. christinarussell

    I think what you’re doing is awesome! I try to eat less than 15 grams of sugar every day and it has made a HUGE improvement in how I feel each day. When I do need or want sugar, I only use stevia since it is natural (Stevia products are made from the glycoside extracts from the leaf of the Stevia rebaudiana herb, a plant found in South and Central America. The stevia leaf glycosides are natural sweeteners and are used as sugar substitutes or sugar alternatives to add calorie-free flavor to a variety of food and beverage products). The two main products are Truvia and Stevia in the Raw. Good luck!

  2. LoriD

    I’m doing the detox too and came to your blog via the accountability form. I had to LOL about the bananas- I ate three small oranges the other night!! I have to admit, today, day 4 has been the hardest so far. I better go grab an orange! Good luck with the rest of the week.

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