The Weekend & Dogs

Wow, its Wednesday already!

The days have become a little bit of a blur! This week I am totally figuring out how to balance everything; my new job, home, and workouts. Whereas, last week I was exhausted all the time and went to bed early. I’m really hoping this week is good indicator of weeks to come!

This weekend was my first weekend off in a long time and we took full advantage of the time off! Blake and I spent the weekend cleaning, stocking up at Costco, we saw The Croods and had a BBQ with our friends!

Shopping at Costco was fun, because we totally stocked up on everything. It was slightly shocking to see the price tag, but now we have a pantry! Something I’ve really wanted to do for a while. I also picked up some fun treats like these Dark Chocolate Frozen Banana slices.

IMG_3359 These are only 100 calories per package!

I’ve spent this whole week doing this around the house, like laundry. Ugh. My worst enemy! But I’m also working a fun project….I’ll share when its finished but here’s a hint.

My workouts this week have rocked! My ideal week is three runs, two strength workouts, one day of yoga and one optional day…this week is totally shaping up to be a just that.

Perfect timing too because the Diet Bet ends this Sunday! I should make my goal. I’ve actually already made it but I’ve been up a little bit this week from indulging a little this weekend. Its kind of nice to relax a little on the weekends but I do have to learn how to keep it to one meal or something. Monday it was back to 1500 calories and tons of water.


Monday’s dinner: Spinach and mushroom flatbread pizza loaded with extra mushrooms, a side of brocollette, and a giant jar of water! Jars are nice for water because they are bigger so you don’t have to refill as often!

Now its time for a my workout! I was planning on just doing yoga, but I think I’ll take a walk with my pups first! On that note, I will leave you with a funny picture!


Kia (left) never will sit still for a picture! This is Mopar on the right, I might not have mentioned it yet. we’ve had him about a month and half but he’s very shy and not warming up to us. Although, things are improving!