Hiking in Grant County, WA

Whew, what a weekend! Thanks to our work schedules Blake and I only see each other on the weekends so we have packed the last few weeks with fun!

Our weekend, started Friday with late night bowling! Then Saturday morning, we had a few errands to run but we managed to sneak in a yummy lunch! We stopped at the Sundial Bistro in Soap Lake, WA!

Turkey Melt, Sundial Bistro, Soap Lake, WA

This is a Turkey Grilled Cheese with bacon, tomato, and avocado! Yum! It was delicious. Plus I really liked the honey mustard dressing. We are always happy with the food at the Sundial, I’ve never had something I didn’t like and I’ve never had the same thing twice.

Saturday, I had a painting date with my friend Tara but I forgot to take a picture, so we will have to wait until I pick up the mugs I glazed. Then we went over to Tara’s house for a few games of Cranium and drinks.

This morning we slept in, then headed out for a fun day of hiking. We live in a beautiful area with tons of summer time tourists things to do, but we have never done some of them! Can you believe it?

So today we wondered on over to the Lake Lenore Caves. But our first stop was the side of the road for a photo op!

Soap Lake, Washington

Soap Lake, Washington

Soap Lake, Washington

It was such a beautiful day! We have a lot of fun play with the panorama feature on our phones.

The next part of the day was spend hiking to the Lake Lenore Caves, something neither of us have done despite growing up in the area. These caves were created by a massive flood in the last ice age, then the Colville Indian tribes used them as temporary shelters. Pretty cool!

Lake Lenore Caves, Washington

This was taken from the inside of the largest and deepest cave.

Lake Lenore caves, Washington state park,

At one point I even had to rock climb! Or just shimmy around a little ledge…

Erin Alexander

Oh, see my fancy little water bottle? I got that last weekend, in preparation for my half marathon training.

After we checked out the caves we drove up the highway a few miles to the Dry Falls lookout.

Dry falls lookout point, Washington state park

If  this still had water flowing over it would four times bigger than Niagra Falls. Its 400 feet tall, and 3.5 miles wide. Its huge.

From here we decided to head to the bottom of the falls, which wasn’t very exciting but we jogged for a little bit and checked out the lakes. We wanted to get to the bowl..it’s the spot that forms when the water flowing over the falls hits the rock and forms a crater. Fresh water doesn’t flow to it now its like a big brown puddle, however, the road didn’t lead to it and we are not prepared for hikes without trails.

Dry Falls Washinton

You can see the bowl in this picture, it’s the very brown water in the back of the picture.

Blake and Erin

Here’s our fun but cheesy selfie at the lookout point!

Today ended up being a blast! And we are looking forward to doing a bunch more local touristy things. Plus we are planning a camping trip in two weeks!

A great way to start another week! What did you do this weekend?


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  1. Erica M.

    Looks like a great place for a hike! And it looks like you had a great time. I so wish there were places like that near me – everything around here is flat, flat ,flat! :)

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