Confession: I don’t know how people do it all! Seriously, how do people manage to go to work, clean the house, workout, and have a life? I can’t even imagine adding in a kid!

Its been one month since I started my new job and I can’t seem to find enough time in the day to do all the things I want to do. Now this isn’t the first time I’ve worked a full- time job. In fact, I’ve worked more hours in the past than I am now, I just had different priorities in the past.

Balance is something I’ve always had to work on. I think I tend to be an all or nothing kind of person. I can either work out or clean the house. Relax or get stuff done. In reality, I could easily rest a little and get some stuff done. A shorter workout then get some chores done.

It works out in theory! I just need to implement this into my life.

Right now, I’m trying to do things like keep the house picked up, get my workouts in, and blog. I’d also like to read and update stuff on the blog, but I feel like I can’t do those things because I don’t have enough time.

How to fix this? Well I have some ideas. They might be kind of lame but hopefully it will help me to get a little bit of everything done.

1. One Complete Load Per Day. Laundry is my job, so if I get one full load done from start to finish, wash-dry-fold-PUT AWAY, it won’t pile up and leave me five loads to get done. This will make getting ready in the mornings easier too, because its saves time when I don’t have to dig through piles of clothes. Bonus: My clothes will stop getting rust spots from the washer.

2. Set A Timer. I have lots of projects and things I want to do like read, organize my spare room, crafty projects….things of this nature. So I’m thinking, set a timer for one hour each day and pick something to do and do it. For one uninterrupted hour. Then I don’t have to feel like I should be doing other things.

3. Post Daily. I hate that I’ve been putting off blogging. There’s this dangerous cycle where I get busy and don’t post anything. Not posting leads to poor eating choices or skipping workouts. Which in turn causes me to not post anything because I feel crappy about my choices. Yes, its terrible. Right here, right now…I’m committing to posting every. single. day. this month. Even if its just a quickie, its better than nothing!

4. Wake Up On Time. I need to get up when my alarm goes off the first time. I ‘d like to get up 6:30 (if I’m not going to spinning) but usually I snooze until 7 or later, then find myself rushing out the door. Its sets the tone for a rushed day. An extra half hour would be perfect. No rush. I could enjoy my coffee and not have to take it with me.

5. Prep For The Next Day. I often find myself coming home at lunch time, because I failed to bring a lunch with me or I need to grab workout clothes. I could easily get this stuff ready the night before or in the mornings when I get up on time. Not only would it help me feel more relaxed, it will save me time. I spend 15-minutes driving home for lunch each way…so with that extra half hour I could read or relax. The only downside is I enjoy seeing Blake during this time because we don’t see each other during the week.

I think these tips will help save me some time and enjoy my days a little more. I’ll be putting these to practice right away and I will check back in next week to let you know how things are going.

Do you have any other tips? What do you do to help get everything done each day?


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  1. Alyssa Curran

    I agree with EVERYTHING YOU SAID. I find it so overwhelming to fit everything in sometimes… I can’t imagine having kids on top of everything, but I’m thinking I probably won’t be a grad student with a ft job when I’m a mom.. thank goodness!!!

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