I Love (& Hate) The Gym

Happy Friday Friends!

Two weeks ago I signed up for a gym membership. FINALLY! I have been talking about getting a gym membership for a while now, but I always felt like I couldn’t justify spending the money on it. I mean I have plenty of workout DVDs, hand weights, a punching bag, and the great outdoors. Its been pretty effective, but I recently decided I needed to mix things up so to the gym I went!

South Campus

There are two major gyms in my town Anytime Fitness and South Campus Athletic Club. I picked South Campus because the offer a full variety of group classes and it’s a bigger facility…meaning less stuff packed into a small space. They gym its self is very busy! I went on Monday night and it was packed.

So far I am pleased with my experience. The staff are friendly but not “in your face” about things. I would have liked a tour of the place when I signed up but it was later in the evening maybe there was no one available. I’m not sure. I’ve managed ok, so far.

Here’s a little tour of the places I spend my time:

South Campus group fitness room

The group fitness room! So far I’ve tried a couple classes, like RIPPED, boot camp, and cycling. I really enjoy boot camp the instructor has a ton of energy and its fun to take classes from her. In fact, I’m planning to get up early to take her class tomorrow.

I also really like RIPPED, it’s a fun class that is set to music. I actually enjoy moving to the beat. Which is a surprise because I have no rhythm! But the moves are not too complicated, so even I can handle. I’ve taken RIPPED from two instructors and to be honest there is one that I don’t like. I just didn’t feel the energy like I do from the other one.

I’ve also gone to cycling once. I liked it but it killed my butt! haha! The last time I took spin classes I must have had more padding on my booty. I didn’t really enjoy the class, I enjoyed the workout but I just didn’t feel pumped by the class itself. However, the RIPPED instructor that I like also does cycling so I will have to try her class.


This is where I do weight lifting with dumbbells. Confession: I’m a little intimated by the big weights and machines! I don’t know how to use them and I don’t know who to ask for info.

Tonight, I enjoyed a workout that Ashley from Healthy Happier Bear shared yesterday!

This was a fun workout! I got a little mixed up and only did 9 minutes in the first run, whoops! Then on the last run, I decided to just bust out a mile at 7:53 pace. 531 calories gone, Thank You, Ashley!


During my wall sit!

Two weeks in and I’m loving the results of the gym! I can SEE definition in my arms, which makes my feel sexy! I’m so looking forward to tank tops! I also love setting a pace on the treadmill and forcing myself to run that pace. This will help make me faster runner for sure.

The ONE thing I hate! I hate seeing myself workout in the mirrors! I feel so awkward and weird. I’m pretty sure they put mirrors and terrible lighting in there to make you feel bad about yourself so you will keep going back. There is also this one guy who always crowds me out in class! What’s with that? It’s the same guy every time. Minor things!

Now it time to pack our bag for out trip to Bloomsday this weekend! Yay!

Have a great weekend!