Bloomsday Recap

Yesterday, was the 37th Annual Bloomsday held in beatiful Spokane, Washington!

It was so much fun! Seriously.

First up, the race expo! The expo and packed pick up was held at the Spokane Convention Center so there is tons of room for venders. The had tons of running gear, some race sign up, and bunch of other stuff. Like nuun! I was excited to give it a try because a lot of other blogs like it.


The also had an elevation chart for the course. This course is no joke! There are some crazy hills!


I ended up buying a cool tech shirt, and some sweet purple sheets! Blake also got a Polar heart rate monitor just like mine, but red and black!

The race itself was pretty awesome. We had to stand in line for the Honeybucket for like an hour but we were able to catch up to the start pretty quick.


Here we are at the start of the race!

Blake had a lot of fun weaving in and out and around people. He also jumped over a few bushes…yah. He’s a maniac. I can not jump over bushes or I will break my face. We walked some, we jogged, and we even danced some!

Its hard not to have fun when you have views like this!



And this


Our official time was 1:41!

This race was so much fun! I was nice to finish a race and not feel like death! I always push myself so hard during races, but this was totally different. I enjoyed spending the day with my hubby. I don’t know if he is willing to sign up for the end one yet, though!