Diet-to-Go Review

Happy, Happy Friday!

I’m totally ready for the weekend. Its been a long week, that’s for sure. However, some exciting new….my brother’s wife is about to have a baby! I can’t wait to be aunt again for the third time.

Luckily, my long week was totally made easier with the help of Diet-to-Go! I recently became a Diet-to-Go brand ambassador and when they offered to send me a week’s worth of meal, I jumped at the chance!

Let’s start with, what exactly is Diet-to-Go?

Well, it’s a diet delivery service that send healthy, nutritious, and delicious food right to your front door. They offer three different menus to chose from- traditional, vegetarian, and low-carb with 1200 calorie or 1600 calorie options.

I was sent the 1600 calorie traditional menu! Spoiler Alert: I’m totally impressed.

Diet-to-Go is all about the Common Sense approach to weight loss which is totally in line with my approach. I’ve tried several “fad” diets. I can never stick to it. The Diet-to-Go plan is not some wacky fad diet. Its real food, just like you would cook at home, but they do all the prep work and calorie counting for you. You can rest easy, knowing you are getting the right amount of calories. I never once felt like I was on a “diet” this week, I felt like I was trying out  new meals.

The breakfasts were totally my favorite!


Greek style burrito with chicken sausage! This might have been my favorite! The burrito was full of egg and spinach. Talk about moist, I’m not a big breakfast burrito fan but I would totally make this for myself.


Pancakes with turkey sausage. These pancakes we so light and fluffy. I wish I had like two or three more plates.

I also had a yummy cranberry scone, French toast and an egg & broccoli pie!


For lunch, I was sent a variety of sandwiches. This is the turkey and Swiss melt with blue chips and a VS splash. I also had a tomato flatbread melt, turkey cutlet sub, and a turkey salad sandwich that came with a Dannon Danimals yogurt! Fun!



For dinner, I enjoyed this heaping bowl of shrimp curry. I have trouble remembering to take pictures of my dinner! oops.

This was another fav though…Turkey & Chicken Brunswick (said with a British accent please) and a corn and lentil loaf!  Look at all that veggie deliciousness, this was my first time eating okra! The lentil loaf was super delicious…I’ll admit I was a little leery but one bite and I was hooked. (I actually ate this for lunch…somehow I got mixed up! haha!)


What I love most about this meal plan is the variety! Since my hubby works the swing shift, I’m usually cooking for one…so I tend to eat the same things over and over again. I also loved that they sent me things I wouldn’t usually pick like French toast! Let’s be real, French toast is usually off limits on most “diets.”

If you are interested in giving Diet-to-Go a try, they are offering a sweet discount code for a limited time only, so take advantage right away! Just use the code summer25 when you check out!

I’m fairly certain you will love this food as much as I did! Seriously, go check out the menu…everything looks deeeelish.

Which Diet-to-Go meal would you like to try?