Ladder Workout


So I was supposed to go to Bootcamp tonight but I had to work late. Work trumps workouts right now, its sad but I will enjoy those paychecks! I left work a little after 7 pm, headed to the gym only to realize they gym bag I packed last night was still at home. Lame sauce.

Well a few weeks ago I won copy of the Turbo Fire starter pack so I decided to give that a try tonight. I will write a review after I try it a few more times but I will say I enjoyed it. After that I decided that I needed to get some weight lifting in tonight, so I whipped up this little workout!

Summer workout

Its pretty self-explanatory. You can look on you-tube or google to find explinations for each move you are unsure. Cardio can be any thing that gets your heart rate up like running, elliptical, walking, jumping jacks…whatever floats your boat. 

Its fun but tough! My legs totally gave out in the last wall sit! For my cardio, I did some boxing…so. much. fun.! I need to use my punching bag way more often!


Disclaimer: I am not an expert or personal trainer, I just have a passion for sweating it out! Please use your own good judgment when attempting this workout. I don’t want anyone to get hurt! Feel free to contact me via the contact page if you have any questions. 

And now I’m off to bed! Adios!


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