A Couple New NSVs


Lately, I’ve been little bit down because of a number of things. One of the main reasons, it because I feel like failure for not losing any more weight recently. I know why I’m not losing weight, its not hard to figure out but getting to right point again mentally has been a struggle. This week I’ve really put my blinders on, its definitely helping and now I can share you with some non-scale victories (although the scale is moving in the right direction!).

Eating Out:
I had lunch out three times this week. All three times I picked healthy and delicious meals! This is a big deal! I often find that when I’m eating out I either want to eat what/how my hubs eat…with fries and coke. Or I want to “indulge”…we eat out way too often for it to a special treat worth indulging in.


Two delish salads! The right was a Cashew Chicken Salad and the left was called a Rudy Salad.

Today I had a sushi date with two friends from work! I ordered a Spicy Marqui- it had yellowtail and avocado plus a little siracha on top. (Should have take a picture!) I also had Vegetable Yakisoba, although it was probably a little higher in calories, I feel like I made great choices!

We have one more dinner out planned this weekend! (And then we are going to see Star Trek!)

Running has been tough lately! I’m pushing my self to run faster and keep a steady pace but I’ve had to take walk breaks occasionally because I’m getting stomach aches (uhm…tmi…gas). I think because I am running after work when I really want to be eating dinner…I’m still working on figuring this schedule stuff out.

Well yesterday I worked extra late and was not feeling so hot so I hit the hay early and skipped my workout. I’m all about being flexible…but I still wanted to get in a double workout this week and today was the only option because there are no classes Friday nights. First I did bootcamp, then got ready to do 3 easy miles on the treadmill. The first treadmill I got on was super bouncey and I couldn’t handle it….the next FOUR I tried didn’t work! Two wouldn’t turn on completely….and two kept saying start up error! The universe was telling me to go home but I shut it up…tried the last open treadmill & it worked! Those three miles were brutal and slow…like really slow…but I did it even though I wanted to quit the whole time. I’m pretty proud of this, my brain kept saying you’ve already done enough tonight, but I pushed through. I burned 928 calories tonight!


Overall Feeling Good:
This morning I woke up and I just felt great! I’m with only 3 pounds of my lowest weight! If Heidi Klum complained to me about being up 3 pounds, I’d give her the crazy eyes….so I’m officially giving myself the crazy eyes. I felt skinny this morning…I think I look pretty skinny in this picture even though you see my belly outline…which is mostly due to those pants being to small (long story short: I tried on two different sizes and kept the wrong ones). (Please forgive this gross bathroom picture, I promise to never post one like this again!)

I’m trying to remember this feeling so I when I’m looking at menu, I can remind myself that just a few days of good, healthy food makes me feel fantastic!

Its not all about the number on the scale! In fact, I’d say its mostly not about that…its about feel good and loving who you are!

Lastly, I’d like to give a shout out to my friend at Losing With Cooper! Check out her blog! She lost weight while on vacation!!!!

Alright I’m out of here! Check back with me tomorrow because I’m having a giveaway!! And it’s a good one…!