Workout Plan 5/20

Hello all, I hope your weekend was fabulous! I’ve had an awesome week that included a 5 mile run, prime rib dinner, Star Trek Into the Darkness, family time and organizing our spare room. I’ll go into detail tomorrow. Tonight I am ready for an early bed time, but I needed to plan out my workouts so I’m prepped for the week to come. <—super important aspect of success!

This week will be somewhat easier, because I have a race on Saturday and I don’t want to be sore. Lately, I’ve been experiencing quite a bit of DOMS. So I want to be fully recovered with fresh legs on Saturday.

Workout Schedule for Week of 5/20/2013

Monday: Legs + some type of cardio
Tuesday: Arms + cardio
Wednesday: 3-4 mile run
Thursday: RIPPED
Friday: walk or shake out run 2ish miles
Saturday: Spring Fest 10k
Sunday: REST

I’d also like to thank you all for your love and support about yesterday’s post! I feel so lucky to have people who can understand, your comments and emails are such a comfort to me.

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