Family Time

Good day!

Mondays really give me headaches. I’ve been tracking my headaches and I get one almost every Monday! At least this weekend was quite enjoyable! We sure packed a lot into two days.

Saturday started with a super yummy breakfast for some pre-run fuel.


Sadly, I ate it too close to run time, so I had a stomach ache for 5 whole miles! My run was just….meh. They were slow miles and I had heartburn plus the stomach ache, but it felt great when I was done!


The view wasn’t too bad though! Plus I rocked this awesome new shirt.


We planned to check out the farmer’s market which just opened for the season, but silly me thought it closed at 3 PM when it really closed at 1 PM…Whomp whomp.

We still had to do some grocery shopping though, so off to the store!



It was actually kind of fun, because we had not been shopping in weeks! For meals this weeks I’m planning greek yogurt with fruit and granola or eggs for breakfast. Turkey sandwiches for lunch and salmon (bunless) burgers with veggies and a rice and quinoa medley. Nothing fancy, but everything healthy and delicious! I also found some fun, new stuff to try like this Justin’s Maple Almond Butter!


So good with just a hint of sweetness from the maple. Perfect for an afternoon snack before my workout today.

We also scored these Honeycrisp Apple Shock Tops.


I’m not sure if I’ve expressed my love for honeycrisps apples, but I love with with everyone once of my heart. The only apple that matters. We’ve been on the lookout for this beer for literally weeks, and it did not disappoint.

Saturday night we had dinner plans with our friends, and I totally enjoyed a prime rib dinner with salad, green beans, and a baked potato. We  also saw Star Trek, Into The Darkness in 3D and I really liked it. It’s the first movie that I actually thought was worth the extra price for 3D. Good food, good movie, good company…excellent night.

Sunday was spend snoozing late, and spending time with the family! We a little BBQ at my mom’s house and it was nice to see my family, especially this little beauty!


Miss Lyllian Riley hanging out on Uncle Blake’s lap! She is now 9 days old with a seriously full head of hair. Here hair is the same color mine was when I was born: greyish, dirty blond!

After the BBQ we did a quick round of mini golf, and then Blake offered to tackle the spare room, which was packed full of junk and you have move stuff around just to move in there. It took a little while but now we have neatly organized junk! I also came across old jeans, of course, I had to try them on.


Crazy! This was nice little reminder that I really have come so far from the beginning! This makes me appreciate my hard work and dedication. I’m not always perfect, I haven’t lost weight super fast, but I’ve worked hard and I’ve really changed. That’s what matters.

This was such a great weekend, I loved spending time with family!
And I’m pleased to say that I did not overeat and I did not gain weight over the weekend! Score.


5 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. losingwithcooper

    Ahh so much to say about this post! 1) I love seeing pics of you and Blake! You guys are such an adorable couple! 2) I am glad you posted about the new shock top cause I had no idea they came out with that. I love me some shock top, and I love me some apple beer! Beyond excited! 3) I am so glad that you found something to show yourself how far you have come! You have come such a long way, and losing weight isnt easy when done the right way. You are doing this in a way that will be sustainable! Always remember that! :)

  2. livliveslife

    What a bummer about the stomach ache! I usually don’t allow myself anything to eat for at least 3 hours before a run because I have the same problem.
    What a sweet little girl. And I love the name!
    And you look awesome! Go you! That’s so inspirational to see…it makes me happy when people take their health into their own hands. :-)

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