Moses Lake Spring Fest 10k Recap

Hello!  I sure hope everyone if off enjoying the day!

Thank you to all our servicemen and their families for their sacrifices made for our country.

Our town celebrates Memorial weekend with a big 4 day festival complete with carnival, parade, lip sync contest, concerts, a car show and even a movie in the park!  There is also a fun run and triathlon. (Trust me, I am no hurry to do another triathlon!) The company that organized the race, BuDuRacing is great! I was able to pick up my race packet the day before at the Civic Center, it took less than five minutes. Gotta love that!

I woke up early to make sure I could get breakfast in early enough that I wouldn’t get a stomach ache. I also managed to forget my bib number at home and realized when I was almost there so I had to turn around. Luckily, I was able to park within steps of the starting line.


I felt pretty great at the start!

Sadly that went downhill pretty fast. Within two miles I was so miserable I turned off my Nike+ app because I just couldn’t handle hearing how slow I was going. I felt terrible. I had stomach pain and side stitches and chest pain. I wish I could explain it but I just can’t, all of my runs have been like this lately. I wanted to have fun not be miserable and in pain. So I walked when I needed to, and ran when I had second (or third or even fourth) wind!

In the end, I finished in 57 minutes, which isn’t too bad considering the circumstances. That put me 4th in my age group.

The is another 10k in two weeks that I was initially planning to run, it could be a comeback or might skip it. I just want to wait and see how I feel. I find my focus shifting a little bit from running right now. Right now, I’m just enjoying life. I don’t need to force myself to run when it feels terrible, there are other ways to get my workouts done. Running will always be there.


Here’s the race tee.

Anyway. That the race. I feel pretty refreshed starting this week. I’ll be back later today with a workout plan.