Monday Monday…

Hello!! This weekend I took some time off from blogging to relax and spend time with family! Although we spent a lot time visiting and on the go, I definitely feel relaxed after this weekend.

This weekend was my Mother-in-law’s 50th Birthday! The day started off with a golf scramble! I am NOT coordinated enough to golf…little ball with a little club….yep not gonna happen. However, I had lots of fun being part chauffer, part caddy!


I claimed to be the team cheerleader! Mostly I just drove the cart in a wild manner. Here’s some fun pictures from the day…


Blake with his mom and sister!


The Alexander ladies!


The whole team

After golfing Blake had to head to work but I stayed for the party which included delicious pulled pork! yummmmm my favorite!

Sunday was spent sleeping in…then we headed out to breakfast. We finally figured out how to order breakfast for the two of us. Blake doesn’t eat eggs but everything always come with eggs. He also likes big variety of breakfast foods like the Denny’s Lumberjack slam…but we didn’t do to Denny’s so we ordered two regular breakfasts and a side of French toast, because I was in the mood for some delicious French toast! We piled all the eggs on my plate and I had a piece of bacon! It was perfect! Then he was able to have a little bit of everything without asking for a million changes to the menu.

After breakfast we checked out a few houses for sale, we are in the beginning discussions about possible buying a house. Which is exciting and terrifying. I’m a huuuuge worrier so we will have to see what happens.

We also spent some more time hanging out with Blake’s parents. We don’t see them very often, and I seriously miss seeing his Mom everyday. It was nice to relax and chat with them. By the time we got home last night, I was pooped and hit the hay early.

Today has been your basic Monday. Except I didn’t get a headache which rocks! After work I stopped by Maurice’s to see if they had this dress (in blue) in stock, but they did but not (in my size).

I think I’m going to order it online. I tried it on in a medium and a XL but neither worked. The medium fit well!! But was seriously short, I think a large would be best. Luckily, I have a coupon and gift card so it shouldn’t cost me a dime!

Then it was gym time! Today was Upper Body followed by 20 minutes on the Stairmaster. I finally figured out how to use the dang stepper! The higher the level the bigger the step! I always felt like I was taking these super tiny steps and it was so annoying! So now I finally got it figured it out.

I also had to stop at the grocery store real quick, which led to grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner! Yum.

Anyways…this has become a long and boring post! So I’m outta here. I have a load of laundry to fold and some sleep to get!