Blogger MIA

Oops. It seems I accidently took a week off from blogging…

The truth is, I’ve been a little off my game the past week. Nothing too crazy or anything like that…just not 100% myself.

Its perfectly normal. I assume that everyone need a break, that’s why people take a vacations. Mhmmm..I would love a vacation. 

I can totally see myself lounging on one these bad boys.

Last week, I took extra days off…skipping my workouts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I spent some of the time getting some extra sleep and another day spent getting some quality friend time. Both were seriously needed.

Although, I feel much more rested this week, I was still excited to hear that it would be short day at work. Getting off early means I get some time to catch up on some household chores. I’ve already fold 2-3 loads of laundry and both the washer and dryer are currently running full speed ahead.

Here shortly I will be heading to the gym for a spin class. I’m super pumped because the gym added a new evening spin class this month! All the other cycling classes are at 5:30 in the morning which I tend to snooze through.

I’m so ready to sweat it out. I even fueled with this seriously delish protein shake.


This was super thick and oh so yummy. Made with chocolate designer whey, PB2, a banana, milk and ice. Perfect to fuel a long workout.

I promise not to go missing this week. In fact, this will be an awesome week because I will be getting another week of yummy Diet-to-go meals! This time I picked Vegetarian meals…I’m looking forward to trying some new stuff.

Now I’m off to the gym!


3 thoughts on “Blogger MIA

  1. Bella

    Resting – from exercise, blogging, housework – is needed sometimes. It sounds like you’re refreshed and ready to go!

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