The Best Soup I’ve Ever Made

Hi there! (I meant to post this on Wednsday! Sorry)

Today I have a super yummy and delicious soup for you! Last week, I ordered a salad at restaurant and it taste like dirt. Seriously. For a few days the thought of veggies made my tummy churn. I found myself eating tons of fruit and zero vegetables. Not good.

Luckily, soup sounded pretty good…I know I’m weird…eating soup in the hot summer. But trust me this soup is seriously good. I came up with it totally randomly and it works. Its cheesy, creamy and full of vitamins.


Cheesy Cauliflower, Carrot and Corn Soup

1 tbsp butter
1 head of caulflower, roughly chopped
2 cups baby carrots, chopped
4 oz of delicious cheese, chopped or grated( I used gouda)
1 can corn Heavy cream (could use milk just as well)
Chicken stock (I used bullion because its cheaper and easier to keep)

Melt butter in the bottom of large stock pot.

Toss in the carrots and let them get a little roasty, then add the cauliflower and chicken stock. Cover the pot and let sit until veggies are soft but not over cooked 20-30 mins.

Pour entire mixture into blender and blend until almost smooth. Or less depends on preference!

Empty a can of corn into the stock pot and let it get a roasty too. But really it just needs to get warm. Then add the carrot and cauliflower puree back to the pot and stir really good. Add water if it seems to be thicker than you like.

Add the cheesy and stir until completely melted, then add just a splash or two of heavy cream and DONE!

Perfectly delish! Served with cracked pepper and a side of pita chips.



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