This Week’s Workout Schedule

Hiya Friends!

How was your Monday? Mine was pretty good, in fact this whole weekend was pretty good.

Once I made the connection between my thoughts and how it was affecting my actions and outlook things quickly turned around! Saturday morning, I woke up before Blake and went for a little jog/walk with my dogs and even hit the gym for a little bit of weight lifting. Confession: I hadn’t been to the gym in almost 3 weeks! I’m ashamed.

Sunday was spent cleaning the house…it really, really, really needed it.

The best way for me to get back into the swing of things is to plan, plan, plan. I’ve scheduled out all my workouts for the week, and I’ve got a good idea how the next several weeks will go (more on that tomorrow!)

workout schedule

I’m looking forward to this week! Especially Saturday, there is  FREE stand-up paddle boarding at the park! I’m so stinkin’ excited! I’m also trying a new class at the gym Group Power Hour.

Group Power Hour will transform your whole body within one hour with the use of weight bars and dumbbells. Starting out with a 15 minute warm-up that gets the body going, the remaining 45 minutes with both strength and tone your major muscle groups with the use of free weights.

Sounds like my kind of party! My new goal is try a bunch of the classes before July 18… so I can if its worth it to keep my membership at the gym. I’m on the not worth it side of the fence right now, but that’s a whole other topic.

Its dinner time so I’m outta here!



6 thoughts on “This Week’s Workout Schedule

  1. Alyssa @

    You are so organized!!!! This week my workout schedule is… nothing. And that’s a doctor’s order! Basically I can walk, but cannot do any cardio while I finish this liver cleanse. I’m going to try and enjoy the time off but I already feel antsy!

  2. emtucky

    I’ve been considering dropping my expensive Y membership ($50+ per month) and switching to the community center (which would be between $20-30 per month). I don’t take a lot of classes, and since we have an employee gym at work I only use the Y for the pool. I’m such a convenience exerciser though I don’t want to disrupt my schedule.

    1. mrsalexzan Post author

      I know how you feel! I’ve only had a gym membership for 3-ish months, but it feels like I’m wasting the $40. I have tons of workout DVDs, hand weights, even a punching bag at home…..I don’t really NEED the gym. I just like the workout classes.

  3. sarahlou1976

    You are super organized, I need to plan better. I am dreadful with gym memberships, I go every other day for 3-4 weeks then quit :( I do need to check out some local yoga classes though

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