Wow, this week has flow by! One day until the weekend!!

Actually, work has been slow but my free time just disappears!

However, I am pumped that I have been totally back into the swing of things workout wise. I have not missed a workout this week, although I did end up switching my morning workout to after work yesterday. It actually turned out to be really fun because my friend joined me for RIPPED class. Ripped workout


2013-07-10 19.19.06And after! The class was a lot of fun yesterday, and a really good workout. We were soaked by the end of the session. Plus so much fun workout with my best friend!

Getting in all my workout has been great for my spirit! Its a good thing I’ve been getting them done in the mornings because by the time I get off work I just want to crash. Making a tiny human being is tough work! Even tonight I took a little nap and I’m still ready to hit the hay.

Tomorrow is another run day so I’ll be getting up at 6 again, so I don’t feel too guilty about turning in early.

On the blog front, I’ve been working on getting some ideas on paper so that I can get more posting done instead of napping!


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