Leave It To Me…

…to get a cold in July!

Thanks to a little bug, this week was a wash. I literally walked in the door on Thursday and fell in to bed! I was just that exhausted. Thankfully, I seems to be getting my energy back today.

Relay For Life

2013-07-21 16.18.54

Friday night was the big Relay for Life in Moses Lake event! It turned out to be tons of fun, I spent the whole night there hanging out with my work buddies.


Turning my turn to walk was during the glow lap! Plus check out my sweet shirt by friend Jill designed! Boom. It was one of our team fundraisers! Please note my hair….the result of 25% humidity for the last several days.

It was great spending time with my co-workers, and other people who care about those affected by cancer. Others who stand up to fight for against cancer!


The good news is that over the course of the night I walked about 3-4 miles! Although, I seriously wore the wrong shoes because my knees were aching the next day.

That leads in to Saturday…aching knees and ankles all day. ugh! I also spent the day nursing the tail end of my cold, but I did do some yard work….that stuff is no joke. I tried to do a little more yard work today but apparently disturbed a wasps nest….not fun. I’m waiting it out inside.

Today has been spent grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and watching The Office. Funny story: last in my sleep I told Blake, if he would just watch The Office, he would know what I was talking about. HAHA! It had somethings to do with a picture!

I’m always talking in my sleep and saying the weirdest things!

Anyways. This is a really boring post! I’ll just say good-bye now!



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