This Week

TGIF! Seriously, this week went by so     s   l    o    w….. Oh my word. So freaking slow. I wanted to poke my eyes out!

Other than time stopping, this week was actually pretty good. My morning sickness is passing and my energy level is rising. Although, I have had to pee every 20 minutes…I WISH that was an exaggeration. Also, I haven’t been sleeping very well, which has been a big bummer. That probably goes hand and hand with constantly being in the bathroom.

I’ve actually had some pretty good workouts, and some yummy food, this week too.

Monday was a yoga day. (Our TV is broken & I had to use the mini DVD player!)

20 minutes yoga makeover

I checked out this 20-minute Yoga Makeover DVD from the local library, it was a quick easy workout, and its was pretty fun. It was completely different than my other yoga DVDs which tend are vinyasa or flow yoga. I enjoyed it, but I won’t being buy it. I do however, love that the library offers exercise DVDs free of charge! Its a nice way to get out of little workout rut and try something new.

Tuesday, I had the most delicious breakfast!

ceral, milk, banana, chia seeds

Honey Nut Bunches of Oats with Almonds, a banana, chia seeds, with milk and coffee (decaf). Turns out my bloggy BFF eats the same exact thing!

After work, I had a great workout at the gym. I actually, was forced to try to Zumba by the instructor. I was watching the class when she pulled me in to try it. I really hate Zumba. I have no rhythm, I have no dance move, I can’t “shake it”- this girl can’t dance.

2013-07-23 19.35.11

The next class was Insanity, so I decided to give it a try. I figured it would be exactly like the at home program, and it was.  Boring! But I did burn a ton of calories.

2013-07-24 12.53.57Selfie during my walk.

Wednesday was a pretty awesome day. For lunch, I walked down to Micheal’s Market & Bistro for my first salad in weeks!  I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of myself for walking to lunch. The bistro is only about half a mile away, and I didn’t let the heat be an excuse. And my salad was delish.

Chicken fajita salad from Michael's Markeyt and Bistro in Moses Lake, WA


Chicken Fajita Salad! It was perfect. Hit the spot. And it felt great to get a ton of veggies in my belly. Pregnancy has really changed my normal eating habits.  A side of vegetables hasn’t been very appetizing, let alone a whole bowl of them.

Funny enough, on Wednesday’s, I also have a standing date with my best friend and guess where she wanted to eat…Micheal’s Market and Bistro. They have a huge menu so I can always try something new. For dinner, I had the Salmon Sliders.

Salmon Sliders from Micheal's Market and Bistro in Moses Lake, WA

It wasn’t my favorite, but whatever. I’ll try something different next time. I could write a whole post on the delicious food, and fun stuff that Micheal’s Market & Bistro has to offer.

Thursday was pretty lame. It was the first night of my lack of sleep so I took a nap after work. I totally needed the sleep. Today was the same way, but the plan is to get some yoga done.

I borrowed my first Prenatal yoga DVD from the library and haven’t gotten to try it out yet. I’ll let you know how things go. Time to get my “OM” on.

Any great plans for the weekend?