Thursday Thoughts

Totally random post here…

1. I’ve been super sick this week, which has come hand and hand with two big deadlines at work. Sick + stress + long hours = cranky me! Plus not a ton of extra time for blogging.

2. We are going to Seattle this weekend! I’m really excited because Blake and I have never been to Seattle together! I’m not really sure how that is possible. We are going to NHRA NW Nationals drag races. But I’ve booked us a pretty nice hotel using Travelocity. It will be a fun weekend!

3. I currently have two loaves of banana bread baking in the oven! I used this recipe but may or may not have sprinkled the top of one loaf with walnuts and dark chocolate chips. Which means I will get that load all to myself because Blake doesn’t like either of those toppings! I wish it was already done!!

4. There is quite the little storm happening outside right now. Black sky, rain, thunder and lightening.

5. The banana bread is starting to smell AMAZING!

6. I have a bunch of posts to write up, one about baby A, another about blog school, and some about workouts.

7. After my pro & con list, I went ahead and cancelled my gym membership. I’m all paid through the 19th, so I will be going until it runs out, but then its back to at home workouts!

Now I need to catch up on some blog reading and get to bed early. My car has a check-up early tomorrow.




One thought on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. sarahlou1976

    Just stopped by to say hi as I haven’t been by for a while (sorry)
    Hopefully your sickness passes soon – i loved the ducky outfit you bought baby

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