Shew! What a Week!

Oh my word! I can’t believe its been so long since I wrote anything, seriously, this past week was insane.

We spend last weekend in Seattle! Blake and I had so much fun exploring the city together. We rode the light rail from the airport where out hotel was located to downtown Seattle. We had no plans and  no cell phones (they were both dead), which turned out to be a cool way to hang out and have fun in Seattle. We had donuts at the famous Top Pot Donuts, saw the Space Needle, wandered through Pikes Place Market and even went sailing on the Puget Sound!

Space NeedleThe whole day was truly an amazing experience for us, definitely a day to remember!

Sailing on the Puget Sound

I was a little bit bummed that we couldn’t take a lot of pictures, but I will cherish the ones we have.

Monday through Thursday this week were packed with work. Three of those days were lonnnng days, I worked from 8 am to 9 pm, then came home and crashed. Everything else got put on the back burner…including blogging, workouts…showers… ok, not showers but you know what I mean.

Friday turned out to be a really terrible day. We had to put down our yellow lab, Mopar, because he slipped out under the fence and attacked our neighbors dog. Such a horrible experience. Sadly, putting him down was our only option, and it breaks my heart, but I also know in my heart that its better that he doesn’t bite another dog or person, or be aggressive towards our baby. To be honest, he was always a little different than other dogs. Very jealous, very timid, and a little unpredictable – I feel like given the time he would have changed, but the decision was out of our hands. The neighbors have been very kind and understanding, and it seems like Butch will recover pretty well…and the bill was not as bad as I though it would be.

In other news, he may have gotten Kia pregnant! Maybe we will have puppies in a few months. I think that may have played a part in why we was so much more aggressive than usual, he was being protective of Kia since she was in heat. Obviously, I’m not a dog psychologist but that’s my thoughts on the situation. We are little worried about having a puppies and newborn at the same time, but hey, we will figure things out!

Yesterday, I just needed to relax to let go of the stress from the whole week. I spend the day with my sister doing some shopping for maternity clothes. I promise to do a baby update and show you my new clothes tomorrow! And today, I just spent the day with my awesome husband and even went to visit his parents. 

I’m really looking forward to have a normal, relaxed week. Its actually a fun week, because we get to wear jeans to work all week! I’m pretty positive I will get plenty of time to blog.

Hope you had a great weekend!






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