Baby A Update: 15 Weeks



Hi friends! Its been a little while since I did baby update – I don’t know why I’m so nervous to talk about the baby, its the basically the only thing on my mind! This week has been very exciting.

Baby Details:

We are now at 15 weeks, the last time I went to the doctor she said my official due date is February 2nd, instead of January 31st. Of course the baby will come when it wants so I’m not really worried about the exact due date. The baby is now the size of an avocado and between 3 -5 oz! Wow! I just checked my What to Expect iPhone app, and was surprised by those facts! I feel like the baby is still the size of a bean. No wonder my belly is starting to poke out. I’m really looking forward to feeling the baby move in the next few weeks!

I also did a little shopping this weekend!

baby clothes gender neutral

Everything is gender neutral and stinkin adorable! My mom has been calling the baby a peanut so she loved the little blue and white onsie!

How’s Mama Doing:

Although, I’ve still been battling morning sickness, my midwife prescribed some medication to help with the nausea and puking and its really helping a lot. It seems like I go a few days feeling pretty great then get smacked in the face with more puking. Blech. I’ve also been dealing with headaches almost daily, and I’ve had several bloody-noses that flow and flow. Not so much fun. Another small…and annoying issue…acne! Not so much on my face and more but on my chest, shoulders, and back. Thankfully, most of the time I feel really great!

Pregnancy hot topic: weight gain. As of my last appointment with my midwife I had gained zero pounds. At home, with what I like to call the “Naked Truth,” I think I’ve gained around 4-6 pounds. Makes all my worrying seem ridiculous.

This weekend was actually pretty excited because I got to go maternity clothes shopping! I was kind of nervous to go shopping, but it turned out to be one of best experiences. Wearing clothes that fit well, and ones that accentuate the baby bump make me feel beautiful. I totally thought I would just wear yoga pants, and baggy clothes my whole pregnancy but that is not going to happen. Well fit clothes can really make you feel great.

baby bump 15 weeks

Here are some of my new shirts! I guess stripes are very stylish for pregnant ladies. My jeans came from Motherhood Maternity, they are so comfy. All my shirts are from places like Ross, Burlington Coat Factory and TJ Maxx -I’m all about the steals and deals. I also picked up some undershirts from Maurice’s because they are super long, super thick and the most comfortable. They will totally be long enough when my belly starts to get bigger.

I’m pretty excited that my bump is starting to show! Its way more fun to actually look pregnant.

My next appointment is at the end of the month, and I can’t wait to hear the baby’s heart beat again! I’m fairly certain that time has just stopped since we found out Baby A was on the way. Seriously, it feels like I’ve been pregnant for an eternity. Next week, I’ll get Daddy to write a few sentences about how he is feeling.

One last thing, I need your help with!

THE BIG DEBATE!!! Should we find out if its a boy or a girl? Would you find out?



8 thoughts on “Baby A Update: 15 Weeks

  1. Sabrina

    You look so adorable with your little bump! You’ll be one hot momma. ;)

    I would find out the sex because I am not good with surprises and not knowing. Plus, I am a planner and would want to shop for him or her!

    1. mrsalexzan Post author

      Aww thanks!! I feel like shopping would be more fun if we knew, but I plan to buy the big stuff gender neutral so it could be used for future babies!

  2. Alyssa Curran

    I’m so torn on the finding out thing! Part of me would want to wait for the surprise element BUT I’m a huge planner and I know I’ll be going nuts to know what colors to paint, what names, etc….

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