Kona Kase Review

Howdy everyone!

I usually like to write my baby update posts on Monday’s buuuuut my doctor appointment is tomorrow, so I was thinking I would just wait until tomorrow so that I can include those details.

I do however, have something cool to share with you!

Thanks to my association with Fit Approach, the healthy living blogging community made up of Sweat Pink Sisters, I was sent a Kona Kase!

What is a Kona Kase? Well this little blurb from their website says it all:

At the heart of Kona Kase’s mission is our desire to inspire people to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We believe that anyone can get and stay healthy if they’re given the right tools and that’s what Kona Kase is all about.

Every month, we deliver you top tier nutritional products to help you achieve their nutritional and fitness goals. Whether you simply want to learn to run a mile without passing out or you’re training for your third Ironman Triathalon, we’ve got you covered. We taste, we test, and we send only the best right to your door step. If we don’t love it, you don’t get it.

Monthly subscription boxes like these ones are very popular! And for  good reason, its super fun to get a mystery box of goodies. The Kona Kase is full of healthy snacks for everyday people and athletes designed to help you meet your goals.

I was very excited to receive my first Kona Kase.

Kona Kase

My husband so kindly opened it for me. PUNK!

opened Kona Kase

The box had several healthy snacks, a list of everything inside, and nice motivational quote!

“You’ve got to get to the stage in life where going for it is more important than winning or losing” –Arthur Ashe

Here’s a look at everything that was inside….

garuka bar

Garuka Bar– A primal style granola bar. A percentage of each sale goes to protecting the gorilla Garuka, one of the few remaining gorilla in Rwanda mountain ranges.
Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the bar, but Baby A is very particular about letting me peanut butter. Sometimes I love it and other times I can’t stand it. I would really love to give these a try after the baby comes.

Perky Jerky sample

Perky Jerky! This was pretty good, but it marinated in Guarana, a berry that is used in energy drinks- something I try to stay away from because of the caffeine but I did enjoy the flavor. It was a small sample so I wasn’t really worried. I would buy it myself, again after the baby is born. (I’m doing my best to avoid caffeine)

Chia Bar

Chia Bar from the Health Warrior! I actually gave this to a co-worker because I don’t like coconut. She liked it, plus it was her first introduction to Chia seeds. I’m on the lookout for other flavors!

Enjoy Life

Seed & Fruit Mix from Enjoy Life! I really loved this stuff. The Beach Mix included sunflower seeds, dried bits of pineapple, pumpkins seeds, cranberries, and dried apricot pieces. Its was so yummy. I need to find this at the store ASAP.

running gels

My box also included one BodyGlove energy gel, and one pack of Pro Bar energy chews. Which I have not tried, due to the littlest Alexander residing in my tummy.  Blake might give them a try though.

The box also had two little Caveman cookies….which went missing inside Blake’s tummy. I told you he is a punk! He said they were yummy.

Overall, I really liked the Kona Kase. I would totally subscribe to the monthly subscription with my own money. Its only $15 a month including shipping. Not a bad price at all.

Have you tried a Kona Kase before? What about any of these products?

Thanks again to Fit Approach & Kona Kase for providing the Kona Kase for me to try out!


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