Baby A Update: 17 Weeks

Hi friends! It’s time for my favorite post of the week!


If excitement translates to motherhood, I’m gonna be a great mama! I’m extra extra excited this week because I actually remember to write down some of the stuff I’ve wanted to say so this week’s post will be full of info!

Baby Details:

This week the baby is 5.5 inches long, about the length of a sweet potato, and weighs about 5-7 ounces! Baby is getting big enough that I should be able to feel it moving and kicking soon. S/He is deveolping the skills to yawn and hiccup. Baby is also covered in a white substance called vernix caseosa which protects it from the amniotic fluid, sometimes if a baby is born early it still has some of this coating.

I also had an appointment with my midwife today – she was feeling my tummy and measuring things, and said the baby is growing! And Baby’s heart was beating 155 beats per minute! Its so stinkin’ cool!

What’s Mama Up To:

There’s a lot going on with me! Besides growing this little tummy.

17 weeks pregoI’m sure its a little bigger than usual because I had already eaten dinner, but its definitely growing. I can’t help but notice how tired I look.

Here are something happening with me-

Food Adversions: Chicken, French fries, and sometimes peanut butter, milkshakes. Blake says it must not be his baby! ;)

Cravings: No cravings really, but there are some things I am currently loving like chai tea, cottage cheese, peaches, and chocolate milk. There was also this weird moment when I randomly ordered a corn dog, even though I don’t usually enjoy them.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Several bloody nose, headaches (although possibly from my wisdom teeth coming in), nausea and vomiting (STILL! UGH!), trouble sleeping, light cramps and twinges of pain in my lower abdominal area, and some round ligament pain.

autocorrectfailThis is so me! Thanks, Jill!

Weight Gain: Officially up 1 pound! Woohoo! Never though I’d see the day when I’d be happy about gaining a pound. As for the “Naked Truth” (my at home scale) I decided to stop weighing myself each day, it just not necessary. I might check it every few days, but I’ll just stick with what the doctor has to say. I know that I’m eating healthy…getting enough/not too much and getting plenty of good nutrients. However, the last time I checked it was the same 5-6 pounds.

Mostly I am just excited for all the things to come! I can’t wait to feel the baby move! I thought maybe I felt it one day last week, it kind of felt like a little ripple on my tummy, but it hasn’t happened again.

I’m also excited for another ultrasound in the next few weeks, I can’t wait to see the baby again even though we have decided not to find out if its a boy or girl. Of course people think we are crazy, but we think it will be fun! I’ve also been told that people will be too confused to buy baby shower gifts, but that’s the least of my concerns.

I’m super excited to decorate the nursery! I’ve had pinterest board for the baby’s room for a loooong time. I’ve known for a while that I wanted the main colors to be grey, yellow, and green! I feel like those colors are modern and fresh. Although we won’t be really be able to actually decorate until we move (more on that tomorrow) but I can start getting the pieces ready like art work and things like that.

pinterest boardClick to check it out! Oh and follow me on pinterest!

Anyway, its been an exciting week! But now I’m headed to bed early, because sleep has not been on my side lately. See ya tomorrow! I plan on writing about how we are  trying to a buy a house.



7 thoughts on “Baby A Update: 17 Weeks

  1. Alyssa Curran

    I’m so so so happy for you and love following these updates! They’re motivating to me to try and get this weight off SOOOOON so I too can be a mama! (Don’t tell my mama or she’ll start a countdown until I’m pregnant and I can’t handle that pressure, lol!)

  2. Whitney

    Ok, so you’re the 1st preggo person who has also gotten bloody noses. I’ve been getting them like crazy (especially when I had a cold last week) but none of my other mom friends ever had to deal with them. They’re so annoying! Cute colors for the nursery although we’re just the opposite, I’m counting down the days to when we find out if this is a boy or a girl. I just feel like I can’t start planning anything until I know the gender :)

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