Wonderful Weekend

How is the weekend almost over already? It just can’t be! The last week has been so busy, its crazy.

I’m so thankful for the 3-day weekend because its gave me some seriously needed time with my hubby! We both had a long weekend and totally used the time to have lots of fun.

We used Saturday to have a little pool party with our friends, which ended up delicious burgers cooked by yours truly. The day was so much fun that everyone was wiped by the end of the day, so we hit the hay early.

Sunday, I ventured into the kitchen to make a batch of homemade biscuits for breakfast!

Sunday Breakfast

The last time, I tried to make biscuits they came out as hockey pucks! But this time the rose beautifully, but were on the small size. I’ll have to keep trying.

After breakfast we hit the up the town! We picked up a flower pot for the front door, groceries, and even a new pair of ankle boots for moi!

flower pot

I’m not sure what kind of plants are in this, but I love it! In a few weeks I’m going to get a little scarecrow to put stick in it.

We ended grocery shopping for what seemed like an eternity! But we are super stocked up for a healthy week or two.

Today was another fun day! Blake and I slept late, then I went to my brother’s to hangout for a little bit.

future model

My neice, Eveylnn loves shades!

2013-09-02 13.07.17

I also took the baby for her first swim! She seemed to like it, except for the sun in her eyes so she wore sister’s big hat.

For some reason, I didn’t take any picture of big brother today.

After playing for the little while I came home to tackle some house chores. I got a “new” dresser from my aunt last week, but it has a funky smell so I tried to clean it up.  Plus the regular stuff like laundry and dishes.

For most people this might be a boring weekend, but for us it was perfect! We hardly see each other because of work schedules so sometimes we just need to be normal, ya know!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the baby update! I started the house hunting post, but its a lot more time consuming than I realized so I’ll have to finish it in a bit.


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