Baby A Update: 21 Weeks

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I’m so relieved its Wednesday, this week has been exhausting! I’ve diagnosed myself with an insomnia hangover, I’ve been seriously lacking sleep the last few days. I woke up at 4 am on Monday, and last night I had a killer headache keeping me up – I even slept with an ice pack on my head (Weird right? It was totally one of those hard square ones made for lunch boxes). Here’s hoping I sleep like a baby tonight.

Anyway, let’s get to the get to the good stuff!


This week we made it to 21 weeks!

Baby Details:

Little Baby Alexander is now just over three-quarters of a pound, and 10.5 inches long, the same length of a big carrot! Her eye lids and eyebrows are now present. The doctor told us yesterday, she can hear now so should talk to her. She is also tasting what I’m eating through her amniotic fluid, so I need to start eating peas so she likes them early!

She is moving around all the time! I feel her squirming and kicking a lot. I love it. Last weekend, Blake even felt her moving! I’m starting to notice she is more active in the mornings which is concerning,  we are so not morning people! Yesterday the doctor was having trouble keeping her little heartbeat on the Doppler because she was squirming around all over the place.

Mama Details:

Well, I already mentioned that this week has been rough! The insomnia hangover feels just like an alcohol induced hangover, headache, exhaustion, upset tummy…the works. Hopefully this passes soon. Basically, I either wake up crazy early, toss and turn all night long, or wake up 50 times at night. Its really quite annoying.

Other than that, I’m feeling good. My workouts are getting more frequent, about three week right now. However, I made myself a deal that if I go for a walk (20 minute minimum) every single day until October 4 – I get to buy myself something I want. Maybe this hoodie

In addition to walks, I want to get in a couple yoga session and weight lifting each week. I’m slacking a little this week so far because I felt so crappy but I’m optimistic I can get it done!

My bump is getting bigger each day!

22 weeks pregnant baby bump

Those pants are actually regular pants that were a little baggy before, but today they were too tight. A sure sign Baby Girl is growing big and strong! My official weight gain from the scale at the doctor’s office is now up to 9 pounds. I was worried about how quickly I gained weight this past month, but I think it’s probably because I finally stop puking on the daily. I think my body is finally adjusting, but I do want to pay attention to what I eat and make sure I get enough exercise. Just want to make sure I stay on the right track and gain the right amount of weight for my body and my baby.

2013-09-24 18.22.13

At our appointment this week, we did find out that we will be having a third ultrasound because they were unable to get picture of her kidneys and umbilical cord. Of course, I have no complaints there, I love seeing baby up on the screen.

Overall, things are pretty normal – just waiting for things to happen. The pieces to her nursery are starting to come together! Here’s a sneak peek at the dresser we are updating. I’m hoping it will be done this weekend. We don’t have too much left to do. One (hopefully) more coat of paint, purchase and install the pulls, plus I want to lay contact paper on the bottoms of the drawers.

2013-09-17 19.38.04

And the beautiful lamp!  I also had a little upholstered rocking chair that I had planned on using for night time feedings, but Baby’s furry four-legged sister decided to destroy it! It was sitting on the back patio airing out because it was stinky and in desperate need of cleaning. My bad. It was such a surprise too, because Kia has never destroyed any furniture in our home. Oh well, guess we will buy a new fancy glider or something.

All in all, I’d say things are going pretty great! Now if you will excuse me, its 8 o’clock and I’m going to try to get some sleep! Wish me luck!

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