Hello Friends, Happy Sunday!

I hope you have had a great weekend, I know I have. It was pretty low-key, and Blake managed to have both days off. It was nice to spend some time together! We pretty much just ran errands and chilled at home, except for attending a birthday party for one of our good friends kiddos.

In other news, have you guys tried making fresh juice, also called juicing. It’s delicious.

There is a very popular documentary Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead, where the guy Joe Cross had nothing but freshly made juice for 60-days. Nothing else. No food. Joe was suffering from an auto-immune disorder and taking tons of medication  and tired of it…its very cool and enlightening to see how much food effected his life.

Months ago, my Mom bought a juicer to give it a try. (She also has a similar health condition.)

I’ve since hijacked her juicer! Seriously, I make juice almost everyday.

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Its really been a blessing during this pregnancy because sometimes most of the time I just don’t want to eat salad or vegetables. I know I need them…but they don’t sound appetizing. I’m good at eating fruit, but not nearly enough vegetables. Let’s be honest, everyone can use more veggies.

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Some of the best juices are the green ones!

There are some “rules” to follow when making fresh and healthy juice!

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General Guidlines for the Best & Healthiest Fresh Juice:

1- 50/50 Rule. At least half of the produce should be vegetables, the other half can be fruit. Fruits usually pack a powerful sweetness so you don’t have to add a lot  to make a tasty juice.
2. Always Juice the Whole Fruit/Veg. The skins, seeds, leafs, and rinds have tons of nutrients! Of course there are some exceptions to this rule. The rind on oranges & grapefruits are very sour, so cut those off…but you can leave the outside of lime & lemons. You don’t have to trim the ends off the carrots, celery, or remove the stem from an apple or grapes. Makes things nice and easy. 3. Buy in Bulk. Bags of apples, oranges, and carrots are usually cheaper! Also buy things on sale. Juicing can be quite expensive if you aren’t careful.
4. Never buy pre-washed greens. It seems convenient but its actually a lot easier to stuff a full-sized spinach leaf in the machine rather than a handful of baby spinach. I always add add leafy greens to my juice, when I buy a bag a baby spinach it takes about half a bag to get the same amount of juice as several big leaves.
5. Experiment! There are tons of recipes for fresh juice. I never follow those. I’ve only made one juice that I didn’t really like, but hey its only about 16 oz…easy to chug.
6. MOST IMPORTANT! Wash your juicer right away. Or at least rinse it off, if you let the pulp set it will stick and be tough to clean. Most machines are dish washer safe, unless you have an overly hot dishwasher like mine….I melted one piece. Thank goodness for replacement parts!

If you follow these little rules its pretty easy to make delicious and healthy juice. To be honest, I feel really great when I drink juice. Like I don’t have to feel guilty about not wanting salad for every meal.

For more info, check out Joe Cross’ website: Reboot With Joe. It packed with recipes, tips, and a fun community of other people giving juicing a try!

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Have you tried juicing? Let me know if you give it a try!



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