Baby A Update: Week 23

How is already time for another baby update? Seriously, the weeks are just flying by…which I’m totally excited about because its getting closer and closer to the day we get to meet our baby girl.


I’m fairly certain that will be the best day of my life so far, closely followed by the day I married her father!


This week has been pretty much normal life. Just waiting for something for the weeks to pass.

There was one very hilarious moment when the baby was pushing on my tummy and making it very distorted! It was so freaking weird! I was laughing and crying that the same time. Crying because it makes her seem so real (in a good way!) and laughing because its like I have an alien living inside me.

week 23

This week we also stopped into the Baby Depot in Burlington Coat Factory so I could show Blake the stroller I liked. I should have known better to show him something with wheels! He started looking them up online and comparing features. It was super funny. We are planning to get this one!

We like this one for a number of reasons! My best friend is a big of the Jeep brand strollers. And obviously it makes sense to for me to have a jogging stroller because I’m sure I’ll want to take her for jogs. I like that it takes real bike tires, and the wheels are made of metal rather than plastic which seem to be sturdier based on other people’s reviews. Also it stands up by itself when folded so it could be stored in the closet out the way.

It’s not a travel system (car seat & stroller that come together) which I thought it was at first, the original one I saw must have just a car seat sitting on it. However, it fits most of the big brands of car seats. The nice thing is now we can get a better rated (for safety) car seat and it will work perfectly with this!

And that reminds me that I need to get started on making a Baby Registry!

Baby wise this a pretty boring week!


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