Busy As Ever

Hi there, friends!

Life is sure running full speed ahead theses days! We are crazy busy.

The last three weeks I’ve worked past 5:00 almost everyday. Luckily, I was able to leave an hour early on Friday to get some errands done, plus I wasn’t feeling so hot.

Unfortunately the busyness is just getting started. We have some major things happening in our lives in the coming weeks, and I’m not talking about the holidays.

Here’s a look at what’s up in our lives:

Weekend trip to Oregon next weekend. One of my best friends has two little girls with birthdays this fall so Kate and I  are off on quick road trip! We have to leave at 5:00 am next Saturday…but it’s been a LONNNNNNG time since we have a girls/road trip. It will be a blast! Plus we need to see our friends! The last time I saw them was in June after FitBloggin’.

41344_462608867811_5299554_nHere we are on the ferry to Seattle a few years ago!

My sister is having surgery. My little sister (she’s 24) has Chron’s disease, and needs to have a section of her intestines removed. Its a little bit overwhelming but its going to make life way easier for her. She’s been very sick, several weeks ago she had to have a blood transfusion. Super scary. She’s going to be down for the count for several weeks after surgery, which makes the holidays a little tough for her this year.

1385175_666541220032341_447987143_nWe’re cute kids! I’m in the blue, and Kay in the purple.

Baby Shower. My baby shower will be in few weeks! Eek! I’m really excited! Its going to be so much fun! My best friend, Kate is throwing it for me, so I know it will be beautiful!

Oh andddd we are house shopping! Yep, we should find out this week or early next week that we are pre-approved to buy our very first home! Seriously, so exciting. Yesterday we drove around town to look at some places that are for sale, after we get the official word from our mortgage company we will get a real estate agent. We can basically only go on the weekends, thanks to our insane work schedules, but you do have you have to do, right?

Packing, organizing, clean, and all that stuff. So moving comes with its own gigantic list of things to do….and I will be doing all of that during my third trimester of pregnancy. I’m thankful that we have amazing friends and family to help because I think things are going to be crazy.

Oh yea, third trimester. Today I’ve reached the 28th week of pregnancy which is the start of last third of baby making. The last three months come with more exhaustion and possibly morning sickness again….and actually I’ve had a couple of weird moments when I’ve been sick over the last three days.

Baby Girl’s Nursery. I wish the baby’s room was ready to go already. We still need to buy a crib, but at this point it seems silly to every put in the room here, just to move it. Our move date and baby’s birthday are going to be veryyyy close together. Again thankful for family and friends. Everything will depend on closing date for the house, but my basic plan is having everything ready to be put away as soon as we get the keys. Keep your fingers crossed that she waits to come after the move date!

Puppy Care. I don’t think I’ve mention it yet, but my dog, Kia, had babies about a month ago (I’ll post pictures soon)! They are the cutest things ever, but take up a lot of time. Especially now because Kia is starting to wean them.

Yep…and all that on top of the holidays and the busiest time at work. Things are really going to be crazy in these parts.

I think I might take this time to take a little break from blogging in a way. I’ve been asking myself if this is really something I want to keep doing. I really do enjoy it, but I think I put some unrealistic expectations on myself lately. I just to relax and do write when it feels right, and not on some forced schedule. So you may see less posts, or not. I’m not sure yet.

I will continue to post baby updates! Everyone loves them and I love sharing whats going on… its kind of like my baby book in a way. I have an appointment tomorrow, so I’ll do my next update hopefully tomorrow night.

Anyway. That’s all for tonight!

Have a great start to the week!


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  1. trikatykid

    Fully loaded blog post!!! I need to get to bed after reading that! LOL. Hang in there – just keep on keeping on. You’re doing great!

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