Our Christmas [2013]

How was your Christmas??

Mine was so wonderful, seriously wonderful. I love spending time with my families!

Christmas TreeOur Red, White, & Blue Tree

I grew up living very close to my aunts and cousins so holidays were always filled with arguments, fighting, and stress. Although, I miss my cousins with all my heart- its pretty nice to spend time with just my immediate family.

I also love being with my husband’s family! This was my fourth Christmas with them, and seriously it’s like I’ve been a part of the family all along. I feel very lucky to be a part of their family.

For Blake and I, the Christmas season starts on Christmas Eve with a big family dinner and gift exchange at his Grandma’s house. The whole family is always there, and we have delicious, delicious prime rib…its such a great time.

familyAfter dinner we had a gift exchange where we had previously drawn someone’s name and one of those Chinese Gift Exchange type gift exchanges. It’s always fun to watch people’s gifts get stolen and traded.

Christmas morning is spent with Blake’s parents, his sister, and her boyfriend. The last few years we have spent the night at their house to make things easier, but next year we will live a lot close to them!

I feel so blessed because the one “big thing” I still wanted to get for the baby’s room was a glider rocker, like this one.

I’m so thankful! I can’t wait to rock the baby to sleep in her quite room, in this super comfy chair. Its going to be so wonderful. My goal this weekend is to get the one last piece of furniture that needs painted done!

After all the fun was had, we loaded up the car to head home because I had to cook big dinner for my family! I LOVE cooking Christmas dinner! This is my third year cooking for my family and it was by far the best!

We had turkey, ham (using this crock pot method), garlic mash potatoes with turkey gravy, layered sweet potatoes, stuffing, corn, green beans, and rolls. Plus I made two pumpkin pies!

Roasted TurkeyOk, I was super proud of my beautiful roasted turkey! Sure it was a little over cooked, but still delicious. I rubbed the outside with a little mix of olive oil, fresh “poultry” herbs, salt and pepper – which I blended in to a pesto of sorts and Inside was a honeycrisp apple and a lemon. It really turned out great. And for the first time ever I used the drippings to make gravy which was big hit with everyone!

We have tons of turkey leftover so we are going to be picking it off the bones and making some freezer meals for when the baby comes! I’m thinking some turkey chili, turkey noodle soup, and rice casserole!

Presents with my family is so much fun because my brother has little kids! AH! Kids are just too fun! As a family “us kids” got my mom a Kindle Fire and she loved it! She was just as excited as the kids! Once she opened that thing she was zoned in!

DSC_0080My niece Evelynn playing with Uncle Tommy!

Then we took our family picture!

DSC_0071What good lookin’ family! Well except the one on the end, but we don’t claim him very often.

Our Christmas was a huge success! Although by the end of the night, I was exhausted. A busy Christmas day at 8 months pregnant is like running a 8 miles…afterwards I had to take an ice bath for my feet and ankles. In fact, I’m still a little sore today.

But I’ll take the soreness right along with the amazing family! Love them all!

Tell me about your Christmas! Leave a link if you wrote about it!